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Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week
Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week

Grey turns four in a week (!) and I’ll give a more complete update then. I’m also behind on Thane — I have his last monthly update to do before his first birthday. (Sniff sniff!) But I thought I’d share some anecdotes about the person my eldest is.

Grey notices how I look. When I come downstairs in the morning, only when he is really impressed by my appearance (eg not often enough to be meaningless), Grey will say, “Wow, Mom. You look really nice this morning. I like your dress/shirt/skirt.” It actually makes me feel awesome when Grey thinks I look nice, and it makes me feel even better to know that he’s unafraid to tell someone something nice about them. I give my husband full credit for modelling this behavior.

On that theme, the other night I was putting away Grey’s clothes while he went downstairs to kiss his Meme and father goodnight. When he came back upstairs, he said in his smallest possible voice (a rarely used option), “Mommy, I want you to put me to bed because you’re very beautiful and I love you.” Apparently, that was also what he had told them when he was downstairs. Frankly, there’s only one other person who I care thinks me beautiful, and he tells me that too. But it’s hard not to be flattered by the sincerity of a preschooler’s compliments.

Grey and I were playing Mario Kart Wii and we were both equally execrable. Really, we’re terrible. The computer beats us both silly every time. After one particularly atrocious showing, I turned to Grey and said, “We’re not very good at this, are we?” He replied, “No, we aren’t. I guess we should just keep trying and then we’ll get better.” Yes. This. This is what I want you to know my son — that you get better by trying, not by being.

His ability to track long term consequences is improving. Yesterday, when it was time to turn off the tv and go to preschool, Grey threw a chair at me (lest you think he’s perfect). For this sin, in addition to a 30 minute in-car-timeout (the kids so know when we really really need their cooperation!), he lost his morning tv privileges this morning. He actually remembered, and told US why he couldn’t watch tv. We’re working on explaining better strategies for getting what he wants and needs, and pointing out these unacceptable strategies simply don’t work. Slowly but surely this is being effective.

Grey loves it when his daddy blows on his belly.

He is still extremely monochromatic when he colors, but his drawings are starting to include more hues. He doesn’t seem to like green, which is a pity because his room is green. He likes blue a lot.

(Added by request) The other day was Grey’s third aikido session. I considered it fantastic that he could bow onto the mat and remembered the Japanese phrases for the beginning and ending of class (he actually made up a song about the beginning phrase!) This session was for aikido testing, when the kids (presumably those who had been around more than a fortnight, of course!) would be tested to see if they were ready for the next level. Sensei started out by asking, “Ok, who’s ready to be tested!” My enthusiastic, son flung both hands up into the air and said “Me! ME!” Sensei actually DID test him, and he did pretty darn well for his THIRD TIME EVER. It was awesome. How I love his willingness to fling himself into the breach without fear of failure or humiliation!

He is a joy and a delight.

He's also a terrifying driver
He's also a terrifying driver

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4 thoughts on “Grey anecdotes”

    1. Thanks! I probably only got up about half my anecdotes. It is the way of anecdotes to fall out of your brain, like change out of a hole in your pocket. Lamented, but not too greatly.


      1. it’s all good. i’ve just been curious about that one and since, unlike the last couple of posts, this one was about grey, i figured i’d ask.


  1. Tenchin and tenkan have been the downfall of many a junior aikidoist, you should be justly proud. Also, it was so funny and sweet I still chuckle thinking about it.


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