Grey’s letter to Santa

Grey wrote his first letter to Santa this weekend. Well, he really dictated it to his father, but he signed it himself and drew his own smiley face. Here it is, in its four-year-old’s glory:

Dear Santa,

I’m Grey. I want a Super Mario 31 DS Game for Christmas. I really like it and Pablito has it. Ed note: I better figure out what this is before Christmas, eh?

When I was 2, I used to clean up everything. Now that I am 4 years old, I feed the cats, I take my plate to the kitchen, I clean up my blocks, and I clean up my room.

I would like some new, plain old blocks. And a new robe. And I would also like a new fire car just like the one I have.

Robby, my baby rabbit, would like his own mixing bowl and spatula. She is two years old.

Thane is my baby brother. I would like Thane to have another Robby.

Thank you and Merry Christmas

Lastname Grey 🙂

He wrote “Grey” first, and there was no room for “Lastname” to the right so it was prepended.

Some notes… how awesome is it that he wants blocks and a bathrobe for Christmas? Also, the thing with Robby is adorable. The only problem is he refuses to bring Robby anywhere (I wanted Robby in our family Christmas pictures) because he’s afraid people will laugh at Robby, who does look rather, er, well-loved.

I also like the buttering up in the second paragraph.

He often talks about when he was 2, or 1 or a baby. Sometimes he’ll talk about how when Sebastian (his cousin) was 2, he did _____ (thing Grey wants to do). You have no idea how much fun Sebastian has in Grey’s imagination.

So what do you think internet? Has Grey been a good boy, who deserves new “plain old blocks” and a bathrobe? Will Robby get his mixing bowl? Will Thane find his own Robby under the tree? If he does, who do you REALLY think will end up playing with him, Grey or Thane?

You’ll have to wait until Christmas to find out!

(Also, grandparental type people, coordinate with me on any of these you greatly desire to obtain! Except the blocks — you can never have too many blocks.)

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