My productive day off

I contributed to global warming yesterday. It’s much better for the environment when I just come to work and sit here under the warm glow of fluorescent tubes. (Actually, I can’t complain. I get tons of real light, and in winter have a lovely view of the river.) But yesterday was my Random Day Off!

My first trip out the door was to get the boys to their appropriate daytime locations. We were LATE for preschool, because our dudes have started sleeping later (glory be!) which is fantastic for weekends but less fantastic for school days. On my way home I: washed and vacuumed the car, got a nummy breakfast sandwich, and bought many needful and useful things at Target.

I returned home and unloaded the trove of loot. I immediately went back out for round #2, which took me to Michael’s (where I completely struck out) and AC Moore (where I did nominally better). This time I returned with waning daylight, Christmas light hooks for the front porch and a bunch of inexpensive (er, let’s be honest, cheap) picture frames.

Once again I returned to our abode and unpacked, hung festive lighting on a precarious ladder, and then went to reframe and hang our family portraits.

The cheap frames didn’t have the hanger thingies attached. You had to do it yourself with these TEENY TINY CHEAP nails. I’ve had more fun. Happily, the boys weren’t around to learn any new words from mommy.

Then I went back up North for another hour and a half round trip to get the boys. Traffic northbound was ugly.

I brought the boys back home and delighted them by feeding them pancakes. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t matter whether Grey professes his undying adoration of a meal or his inimitable disgust in the offering — he still doesn’t EAT it. Thane, on the other hand, has an “if it doesn’t move it’s food” attitude which I’m beginning to find rather refreshing. After bath time (an increasingly soggy affair) and story time, I was off to church for Prayer at the Close of Day.

Phew! Happily, the Christmas lights are up, we have enough diapers and new toothbrushes all around, the looming project that had been mocking me first thing every morning is accomplished, dinner is in the slow-cooker for tonight and joy abounds!

Now if only I’d gotten any Christmas cards done it would’ve been perfect!

Sadly, this morning I feeling woogly. My throat is scratchy. I’m tireder than I should be given several nights of good sleep. I hope that a good dose of Zombie Cowboys (long story) clears things up!

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Brenda currently lives in Stoneham MA, but grew up in Mineral WA. She is surrounded by men, with two sons, one husband and two boy cats. She plays trumpet at church, cans farmshare produce and works in software.

5 thoughts on “My productive day off”

  1. I try to do all my home improvements that require the use of tools when the boys aren’t home. Although, I think they’re used to my language, it’s best to save the projects that will surely incite it, for when I’m home alone. Knowing my boys they’ll come home and say, “Wow! The new frames on the wall are perfect. How many swears did it take?”


    1. I was thinking about one of your posts about family cussing the other day. Grey had a bona fide unpleasant accident (ok, he partially fell in the toilet if you must know) and called out “Damn it!”. I decided it was an appropriate use of the phrase and let it pass unremarked.


    1. You know I thought to myself, “Hmm, that sentence is a little ambiguous” and then I thought, “My readership is intelligent and well informed. There’s an obvious correct reading. They’ll figure it out.” I shouldn’t thought more deeply about just WHO is reading it.

      Free manure indeed.


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