Daydreams of time

What would you do if you had more leisure time? I’m sitting outside on a glorious Sunday afternoon, cool in the shade and warm in the sun, listening to the sort of rock music meant for summer. I’m edged in a short hour between my Pastor Nominating Committee meeting & follow up emails and when … Continue reading Daydreams of time

Nothing new under the sun

It’s Mother’s Day, and I’ve spent it in glorious sloth and catching up on some things that need to be caught up on. Someone praised my blogging on Facebook today, and I’m happy for the compliment. But then I find myself with another week coming, and another post, and not such great ideas. Or rather, … Continue reading Nothing new under the sun

Spring is astonishing

I work in technology, and the epicenter of technology is in California. I have thought a lot about living in California, and repeatedly decided that I did NOT want to live in California. Many people transplanted to California talk about how they miss “the seasons”. I mean, paradise is great but it has no variety. … Continue reading Spring is astonishing

The Wheel of Time

“The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings in the wheel of time. But it was a beginning” – The Eye of the World, Robert Jordan I was in sixth grade – perhaps seventh. Having worn through a few copies of The Lord of the Rings, my fifth grade teacher had … Continue reading The Wheel of Time

The changing of the seasons

I always get nostalgic around fall. If you search my archives, you’ll see many fall related posts. (Only about half of which reference Tolkien and how I wish I’d been born on the 22nd instead of the 23rd. I digress.) And these last few fall days have been glorious ones indeed. We went to King … Continue reading The changing of the seasons

Sunset of summer

We mark the beginning and ending of summer the same way: with a camping trip. Although with the same cast of characters, and often in the same location, the two trips feel radically different. The one opens and discovers – checking to see where we are in this stage of our lifes. The other closes … Continue reading Sunset of summer

On internet connectedness

It’s pretty easy to find people who hate Facebook. There’s the “Internet Privacy” people, the “I only have an account to see pictures of my grandkids” contingent, the “It’s stupid and I don’t know why anyone does it” group and several others. I understand all these perspectives. There are studies showing Facebook makes people sad … Continue reading On internet connectedness

Hiking the Appalachian Trail (or 13 years of marriage)

Camp Gramp time is usually a week when Adam and I slip away, and remind ourselves joyously of why we chose to marry each other in the first place. It is appropriate, then, that Camp Gramp week almost always falls on our anniversary. On August 5th of this year, Adam and I marked thirteen years … Continue reading Hiking the Appalachian Trail (or 13 years of marriage)

Stages of life, as marked with bookmarks

Baby: No bookmark. “The Monster at the End of This Book” does not require a bookmark Beginning reader: Still no bookmarks. If interrupted, place picture book face down to preserve location. Use as roller skate when you re-enter the room. Grade schooler: Dog ear the pages of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. Go … Continue reading Stages of life, as marked with bookmarks