Like the end of summer vacation

I remember that at the end of summer vacation, I’d rush around attempting to do or finish all the things that I had thought about with the stretch of unbroken leisure in front of me in June. That’s sort of where I am now.

So about a week ago I looked at the downstairs bathroom and thought, “I can totally do that.” The bathroom looked dated with a poorly installed wallpaper, a medicine cabinet with plastic handles (one of which had fallen off), a non-descript wooden towel holder and a toilet paper holder that looked for all the world like a 7th grade shop project. (Let’s just say that I did similar things in 7th grade.) I thought the paint color I used for the living room would look great in the bathroom, and that I needed nothing to start but to start.

So I removed the medicine cabinet, washed the walls, slapped on some primer and was off and running.

Coat 1: the primer didn’t do enough to block the wallpaper color splatches
Coat 2: the paint color was fine for the wall tile but ALL WRONG for the floor tile.
Coat 3: I decided to retry, this time using a gray primer to truly eradicate the wall splotches.
Coat 4: I discovered that the nearly-white paint I was using totally didn’t cover the gray primer
Coat 5: Still didn’t really cover the primer, but it will have to do.

Then I Shang-hied my husband into installing the new medicine cabinet, rewiring the light (twice) installing a new light and installing the tp holder and towel bar.

As a reward, the bathroom now looks better. But my husband confessed, as I was in the bowels of the project, that he hadn’t minded it before.

Next time I decide I can just slap up a coat of paint in a day and have a trasformative effect, someone take me aside and talk sense, please?

I NEVER remember to take before pictures, and the bathroom is really tiny so these pictures are a bit questionable, but here you go!

The new medicine cabinet area

The window and hardware
The window and hardware

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