New shoes

Having my mother-in-law come to visit is a little like having the Discovery Channel come to my house. She combines the best qualities of “What Not To Wear” and “Designing Spaces”. (Let us take a moment of quiet to remember my father-in-law, who in his better days could be counted on to do his own version of Mythbusters with black powder, and who ate things in an attempt to get healthy that rival Bear Grylls downing a random sheep eye-ball boiled in a geyser.)

Last time she came, a week after Thane was born, we redecorated my living room and dining room. This time, it’s “What Not to Wear”.

We went through Thane’s wardrobe together on Tuesday. It’s rather sparse for this size because this is the size that Grey was when he had his little vomit issue. You know. The one where he cheerfully barfed 3 – 9 times a day for six weeks? Baby clothes get stained easily enough as it is. Adding that in, and most of his clothes were a disaster by the time he was ready for the next size. So we went shopping for some nice, cute, new warm outfits.


You know, I grudgingly accept that the fashion world is always a season ahead for grownups. But people. Babies and pregnant women do NOT buy a season ahead. You should be able to go into a store and buy an outfit appropriate for the weather that is currently happening.

I swear that Target didn’t have a single fuzzy pj set in the infant size. Nor did it have a single Grey-sized sweater. Hrmph.

So we bought some cute warmer weather outfits.

Then this odd gravitational shift happened and we suddenly found ourselves in a shoe store. “How did that happen?” I asked? “What size are you again?” she responded.

Now, I suck at shoes. If you are one of those people who judges other people based on their shoes, your opinion of me is very low. I’ve worn the same pair of sandals since I was pregnant with Grey. I have like two pairs of scuffed brown shoes I wear everywhere that I don’t wear the sandals. Every time my MIL sees the shoes I wear to church, she informs me that she won’t be seen in public with me if I ever wear them again. (Happily, she doesn’t follow through on the threat.) My criteria for shoes is the following:

1) Comfortable
2) Comfortable
3) Comfortable
4) Can walk a long ways in them
5) Comfortable
6) Cheap
7) Durable (since I’ll be wearing them for years)
8 ) Good looking

I think you see the problem.

Well, in this shoe store, a miracle occurred. I found a pair of shoes that met all those criteria and got the MIL stamp of approval. I bought two pairs (one brown, one black). Then I found two more pairs of shoes that meet the criteria — a pair of brown loafers and a pair of brown sandals (to replace the older-than-Grey ones). Four new pairs of shoes, for $25 a pair. Now I don’t have to buy shoes again for years!

My new shoes
My new shoes

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