All done now

I called daycare this morning, and the other kid is fine. He got back from Mexico Saturday. So they didn’t bring Swine Flu back. The boys are at daycare and I am at work. I still can’t figure out whether I was totally justified or completely paranoid. I suspect that when this is all said and done it will look like one or the other, but we don’t know yet.


2 thoughts on “All done now

  1. THe vote in my building was “justified”. But somehow the irony of the child we raised in deepest darkest Africa worrying about viruses — it made me chuckle. I think you were right!


  2. Actually, I also want to say that my problem is that I suffer from a lack of imagination. I just didn’t think of all the terrible things that could have happened. When the Angolans breeched the border 70 miles from home, I filled some jugs with water and put them in the central part of my house, and went on with life. When I think about it now, it is a little terrifying!


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