Quick Thane Update

I have a big deadline I’m working on at work and am still fantasizing about 20 minutes for a cup of tea and Book 5 of the Odyssey in my private life. This is my way of saying: don’t expect a big post here.

But the big news is that Thane pulled himself up to sitting for the first time yesterday. You know, as in you put the child on his belly, turn away for 2 seconds, and find him sitting up. Also, he’s proto-crawling. He’s getting up on all fours and moving stuff. So far, this has had the effect of moving him AWAY from the desired target, but I am convinced he’ll figure it out eventually.

I always thought it an exaggeration or coincidence when people say that babies working on milestones have sleep problems, but it’s totally true. Thane refused to go to sleep last night because he was practicing his crawling. In the middle of the night, when he woke up, instead of going back to sleep he thought, “Gee, I think I’ll practice crawling some more!” with the predictable outcome of getting his feet stuck in the slats of the crib (see also: crawling backwards) and calling for Mom to come rescue him. Funnier the first two times, let me tell you. Last night was the FIRST TIME EVER I’ve had to go back to his room after I’ve put him back to bed after our midnight feeding. I probably shouldn’t whine. With Grey we had an elaborate ritual to permit us to sneak out that only worked about 20% of the time.

Anyway, odds are excellent that Thane will reward his grandmother by learning to crawl at her house! We’re off to Atlanta on Saturday for a week of R&R.

I should start a photo album of first date and yearbook photos for both boys
I should start a photo album of first date and yearbook photos for both boys

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