Taking Strides Towards Walking

My camera is out of charge so here's a pic from my phone
My camera is out of charge so here's a pic from my phone

Today I’m home with Thane. It’s actually going remarkably well. I have focused very intently on some worky work stuff and gotten quite a bit done. I transported Grey to preschool. I’ll go pick him up in the not-too-distant future and then get my MIL from the airport. I knew that this day was coming – the day when Thane would non-stop sleep in order to finish healing up from his cold. Two and a half hours this morning — hoo yeah!

In not unrelated news, my living room currently looks like a bomb hit it. It did. A drooly, cheerful 11-month old bomb, to be exact.

It’s been fun to spend some one-on-one time with Mr. Thane-pants. He’s pushing through one of his top incisors, and he has the cutest snaggle-tooth expression. His curls are excessively long and usually covered in food. The front of his face is a melange of snot, drool and stuff he’s found on the carpet. I know that doesn’t sound enchanting. You’ll have to trust me on it. Part of the fun has been watching just how he’s using his feet these days. He’s standing much more, and taking a step or two where he wants to go before dropping to the safety of crawling. He’s less ambitious than I recall his brother being. I think this is entirely behind why Thane will walk a month or two behind his brother. It’s been quite a while since those first steps, and Thane hasn’t been all that eager to keep going with them. Why, when he can crawl perfectly well? Grey was DYING to be one of the big boys from day #1. Thane seems a little happier to be a baby, assuming babies know how to read books.

We had a great weekend: hiking, doing aikido (Grey was HILARIOUS at aikido – I’ll blog more later), destroying and undestroying the house, lunch at church, Stoneham Town day… good times. We had a terrible night’s sleep last night. Adam went to bed at 8 pm last night and it was still a wretched night! Grey had nightmares (quality nightmares including zombies and ghosts. What? It wasn’t MY idea to let him watch Young Frankenstein! It was his!) Thane woke up every two hours due to excessive snottage. With the aid of penicillin, Adam was finally well enough to go back to work.

I wonder when Thane will finally figure out its faster to walk? Maybe I should put shoes on him in addition to socks. Or maybe I should let him go barefoot. Cute little baby feet!

They call me baby driver
They call me baby driver

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