60 seconds in the life

Setting: My domicile
Cast: Grey, Thane, my mother-in-law, Sasha (my brother’s friend)
Scene: I’m on the phone on a conference call discussing Flex best practices using the Mate framework with several colleagues in a conference room. Most of them have thick Indian accents. The speaker phone in the conference room isn’t good at a distance. My cell phone reception seems poor. My cell phone is beeping at me to let me know the battery is winding down.

Thane (in bedroom): Screams bloody murder instead of takes naps. Implies that small kobolds with skewers are hungrily gathering around his crib and that any moment the assault will begin.
Mother-in-law: Needs to print the boarding pass for her departure tomorrow and just finished painting a layer of magnetic paint. Is a saint, but periodically needs to “eat” and “use the restroom”. Is upstairs and does not hear all the tumult.
Sasha: Just dropped by to pick up some of my brother’s things. Is driving the tiniest car known to mankind. Is expected to pick up a ginormous tv, my brother’s DVDs and bedding. All my brother’s things are in indistinct, unlabeled black bags in the middle of the attic.
Grey: Is wearing pullups (and only pullups) on a very cold day. He is potty trained. I do not ask why he is wearing pullups. He has a marker stripe over his belly button. After trailing Sasha around for a bit, he brings a book to me, looking concerned about the cover.

This is the cover:

Lovecraft is not really for the preschool set
Lovecraft is not really for the preschool set

Me: Trying to track arguments for naming conventions of the variables in the EventMap while reassuring Grey that the cover art is make believe, directing Sasha to the appropriate black plastic bags, ignoring Thane’s screams, and doing it all silently so as to not imply to my colleagues that my attention is anything less than rapt on the discussion at hand.

Thane: The kobolds are starting to make ladders out of Weebles and board books. Also, I may or may not be fingerpainting with poop. You won’t know unless you check!
Grey: Mommy, I’m hungry and I want to play outside. Can I show Sasha this book?
Coworkers: “So what do you think about using injectors to inject the model into the view, and then inject the variables into the model? Will that compile in the correct order?”
Sasha: (Is carrying heavy and bulky things down the stairs while patiently dodging a nearly-four-year-old and two cats.)
Brenda’s Phone: Goes dead.

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Brenda currently lives in Stoneham MA, but grew up in Mineral WA. She is surrounded by men, with two sons, one husband and two boy cats. She plays trumpet at church, cans farmshare produce and works in software.

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