No-knead wheat bread

My husband’s recipe for wheat bread was called for after my post yesterday, so here I am being obliging.

We have some dedicated gear for this. My husband makes it in batches of two, so we have two large Rubbermaid containers for rising it in. I apparently lack the vocabulary to force or to disgorge the exact version, but it’s kind of circular, tallish, has those snaps on the side, maybe 3 quarts, and has a red lid. That should do you. We also have two dutch ovens (they’re expensive, but I got one for Christmas last year and another one at Costco for cheaper – I bet they’re a dime a dozen at yard sales).

He usually makes the dough in about 15 minutes at night, and then bakes it on his work-from-home day so he has fresh bread for lunch. Tough life.

It makes FANTASTIC pressed ham sandwiches and toast. Also, for reasons that are unclear to us, the whole wheat version of this bread seems to stay soft and tasty much longer than the regular version. This bread is a rock-star with a good soup. Enjoy!

No Knead Bread
1 cup whole wheat flour
2 cups bread flour
1/2 Tbsp salt
1/2 tsp active yeast or bread machine yeast
1 cup very warm water
1/2 cup beer (I use Budweiser, Sam Adams light is also nice)
1 Tbsp White vinegar

Whisk together dry ingredients and then stir in wet ingredients until all ingredients combined and a shaggy ball of dough forms.

Leave in a large, airtight container in a warm place to rise for 8 – 12 hours (I leave it overnight).

On a lightly floured surface form dough into a ball and knead 15 times.

Shape into a ball, spray surface of dough with oil, and leave to rise on a piece of parchment paper. While rising, put a large pot with lid (I use a cast iron Dutch oven) into oven and preheat to 500 degrees for 30 minutes.

At end of 30 minutes, reduce heat of oven to 425 degrees. Slice shallowly through top of dough and, picking it up by the ends of the parchment paper, place it inside the preheated pot. Re-cover pot and replace in oven.

Bake for 30 minutes. Remove pot lid and bake uncovered for an additional 20 minutes.

Remove bread immediately to wire rack to cool.

Note: if you want to make this recipe without the whole wheat flour, replace it with 1 cup of bread flour and reduce water to 3/4 cups.

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3 thoughts on “No-knead wheat bread”

  1. Huh. I think even _I_ could make that. We shall see…I predict an attempt in those sleepy days after Christmas (when I’ll already be 10 pounds heavier anyway). Thanks for posting.


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