Typical Monday Morning

Things that need to go out the door with us tomorrow:

1 18 month old
1 4 year old
4 lunches (one of which needs to be microwaved in the morning)
Sheet and blanket for 18 month old
Blanket for 4 year old
2 laptops for work
2 power cords for laptops
Change of clothes for my gym (2x)
Shampoo, conditioner and face clothes for same
Aikido gi & spare clothes
Aikido weapons (wooden sticks)
Coffee mug
Coffee thermos (full)
Coats all around, maybe
Bills to mail

Also, since it’s the Monday for it, I need to have sheets out for every bed in the house and a check on the counter for the housekeeper.

No wonder I don’t have short term memory for much of anything these days!

2 thoughts on “Typical Monday Morning

    1. Yes, but I forgot the “Cream Cheese and Roe” that I bought at Ikea this weekend. (Don’t ask.)

      Also, I always seriously underestimate just how hard it is to make sure everyone has shoes on their feet as we walk out the door.


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