I’m still here. I exist. Work is eating my brain. Nom nom nom. Today I got there at 7:30 am. At my old job, I rarely got up by 7:30 am. I had German cultural training. I discovered that I am everything German’s hate: positive, optimistic, agile, smiley…. I am not heartened.

Then I went and got lost in South Boston going to go practice my trumpet for an ordination this weekend. This was followed by a book club discussing Plato. We can’t figure out if he was being ironic in the Republic, if Plato is making fun of Socrates, or if this is all sincere. My brother, the classics major, says that “yeah, it’s pretty lame”. (NOTE: This is the funniest of his comments and do not reflect the full and complex dialog regarding his understanding of the historical and cultural importance of Plato.) This does not fill me with motivation to read the remaining 60% of the book. I am also reading a fascinating book about competing on Analytics. Yes, that is my sarcastic voice.

But the boys are very, very cool lately. Grey is in this awesome affectionate stage, mixed in with neat questions and cool phrases and a deep desire for candy. Thane is unclinging just a little. For example, in the mornings he now reads quietly in his room while I get dressed. It makes dressing much easier when no one is surgically attached to your leg.

I made risotto for guests on Tuesday. I think you level up as a chef when you’ve made risotto. It was extremely tasty.

My farm share started on Monday. I successfully used peas & garlic scapes. Up next: fun with beets.

My sons have the world’s shaggiest hair, and I have no idea when we can get them haircuts.

Have I told you that Thane tells knock-knock jokes? Here’s how they go:
Thane: Knock knock
You: Who’s there
Thane: (inaudible)
You: Inaudible who?
Thane: Inaudible + weird syllables

It’s pretty funny to have a practically preverbal kid telling knock knock jokes that are only marginally less funny than his 4 year old brother’s.

We’re going white-water river rafting next week. Doesn’t that sound awesome and adventurous and not at all boring? Yes, I think so too.

Ok, I think you’re now up to date and hopefully confident that I haven’t PERMANENTLY abandoned you. Just, you know, until things calm down a LITTLE.


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Brenda currently lives in Stoneham MA, but grew up in Mineral WA. She is surrounded by men, with two sons, one husband and two boy cats. She plays trumpet at church, cans farmshare produce and works in software.

5 thoughts on “Helloooo!!!”

  1. I said a lot more about Plato/Socrates, and feel that I have been unfairly edited. If you’ve only read 40% of the book, then you have gotten to NONE of the sections that I mentioned as being of special interest. Boo on you.


  2. I’m asking this in all seriousness – is risotto supposed to be hard to make? It’s like the one “real” food I CAN make. Maybe I am a better cook than I realize!! 😉

    You should bring the boys out to Fantastic Sam’s in Acton for haircuts and then come see us! 😉

    Ok, I LOVE that Thane is telling knock-knock jokes like Grey!! Grey’s jokes are awesome.


    1. Well, I’ve never made risotto before. Apparently it requires a lot of stirring. So I was impressed with myself!

      We take them to Snip-its, which is an overpriced boutique for kids that includes video games while you get your hair cut and toys on successful completion.


  3. Yay you!

    Hmm, maybe it’s because stirring is the one thing I can do as it requires little talent – I read and stir 😉 Dh doesn’t like to make it, because of the time spent stirring!

    OH! _I_ want to go to that place and get a toy when I am good for my haircut!! OHHH!! Are they the place that also has like carousel animals instead of chairs?


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