8 thoughts on “The first of the jam is setting”

  1. I can’t believe you have something to can. We (Western Washington) haven’t broken 75 yet all year. Today was in the low 50s and rainy.

    Your jam sounds delicious.


    1. We’re in a little heat wave of between 80 – 90 degrees for the highs. Yesterday was quite hot. I think we’ll have to break out the AC units tonight.


  2. Yum, blueberry! If I knew I’d EVER SEE YOU AGAIN I’d demand one of the jars!

    I’m still working on the apple butter from Mocksgiving – I adore it on waffles.

    (seriously, am I ever going to see you again? We need to try to get together sometime soon – I miss you guys!)


  3. We’re coming to new england soonish with a stopover in the greater Boston area planned. I’ll happily take some blueberry off your hands. WHY CAN’T WE LIVE NEXT DOOR TO EACH OTHER AND CAN TOGETHER??? Sigh. I’m looking forward to making strawberry jelly from the berries the boys pick in NH.

    I ADORE plum jam. That’s what we used to have the most of; our plum tree was prolific. IN terms of work to reward ratios, I’ll submit mint jelly (terrible with PB&J) and pomegranate jelly. crushing the seeds and straining the pips to get the juice to use… it took AGES, and cheesecloth that could never be used again… and once my mom left the juice in the fridge and it fermented and turned to wine 🙂


    1. Yay trips to Boston! Yay unloading blueberry! And I totally hear you on the logistical unfairness of the universe. I make friends: they move to DC. I’m starting to spot the pattern.

      Random fact: I hate mint.


  4. Gee, I always like to make blueberry jam for the simplicity of it – wash berries, make jam. So little prep required. Oh, and raspberry – I ordered a flat of berries from our CSA for that one last year b/c we coudln’t do the pick-your-own thing when the time was right. Yummmmmm.

    What type of plums did you use – the blue Italian, prune ones or some other kind? I haven’t tried plum jam yet…for me, the king of jams is sour cherry. My little tree is four years old and I got just enough cherries to jam this year. A whopping 2 1/2 jars..I ain’t sharing it with NOBODY.


    1. Karen, that is definitely the bonus of blueberry jam. Plus, it looks so cool while you’re making it? But the taste is a little too subtle for me.

      I used the plums that my CSA sent home with me. I suspect they were black plums? I know they were tasty plusm. Hmmmm sour cherry sounds very interesting!


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