6 thoughts on “Peach butter and babies”

  1. I love the new bed, but where did the changing table go? Really, it is not time to abandon the changing table.

    May the peach butter karma be with you!



  2. Aww, Thane.

    I bet peach butter will be good on pancakes – I loved your apple butter on waffles, which really means nothing, but I am taking it as a reason why peach butter would be good on pancakes 😉


  3. I have often thought about making apple butter or something similar. I have read a number of recipes which swear by making it in the crockpot. Which makes sense – you want long, low, even heat.


  4. Last week our CSA stuck us with 16 peaches and with two kids who don’t eat peaches (crazy kids that they are) we thought that was a lot. But 32? Can I invite you over to make me pie? Or wait, that’s rude. I guess we should make you the pie.

    Thanks for the blogroll mention, mama. Glad to have found you and adore your blog name.


    1. I have two kids and a husband who won’t eat regular ol’ peaches, so I feel your pain. Crazy!

      If you ever drop by, I promise I’ll make you pie. Or maybe just jam on fresh bread, if I’m feeling lazy.

      I enjoy yours very much, as well. I love the names you gave your daughters!


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