8 thoughts on “My contribution to sustainability”

  1. We’ve been running a worm farm for several months now, the Gusanito model. It’s excellent, although if anything a little too small for even our two-person family. We eat a lot of artichokes and edamame.


  2. I’m dreaming of a hoop house. We had to rebuild a ginormous retaining wall and I splurged on a few dozen yards of organic compost to finish off the area. The plan was to turn it into a fruit garden, but there’s a bulkhead door on that side and it occured to me it would be oh-so-nice to walk out of the cellar and into a greenhouse in the dead of winter, to get me some nice fresh salad greens.

    I like your worm bin. My outdoor compost pretty much functions as a worm farm, but I haven’t tried the indoor version yet. And oh yeah, we do a CSA too, one for meat and one for veggies. Yum!


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