Preschool Graduation

I remember this time last year, when Grey’s then-relatively-new preschool was holding its preschool graduation. I saw the note and thought. Ppfft. Preschool graduation. Call me when we get to a real milestone.

Ah, hubris.

The young graduate, a member of the class of 2011
The young graduate, a member of the class of 2011

I was, shall we say, rather less sanguine when the note arrived in my son’s papers this spring. He was graduating, a proud member of the (I kid you not) Class of 2011. For weeks heading into the event, we began hearing about the big surprise waiting for us. Grey starting singing a new song I hadn’t heard before with a chorus guaranteed to make moms cry. “Seasons come and seasons go. To you it’s fast but to me it’s slow. You’ve helped me learn and you’ve helped me to grow, but now I’m moving on.”

Keynote speech
Keynote speech

Apparently, they practiced their graduation ceremony rigorously, several times over several days leading up to the parental version. Finally, the big day came. The weather was iffy, so we were inside. The room was packed with proud parents – familiar after a year of shared pickups and dropoffs. After a wait, Music Jill began playing ‘Tis a Gift to Be Simple (I was personally extremely grateful it wasn’t Pomp and Circumstance, which I personally loathe after, uh, 7 years in the band that had to play it). The four and five year olds began filing in.

The graduating class making their parents sniffly
The graduating class making their parents sniffly

It was a quick ceremony. The center director said a few words. Grey was nominated to read a selection from “Oh the Places You’ll Go” which he did very well if you could actually hear what he said. They presented flowers to their teachers. Their names were called, and their diplomas presented. Then, they sang their two musical numbers. And with that, it was over. My son was a preschool graduate. He was headed to the grown-up world of summer camp, where there is no nap time, leaving behind the ladies who had taught him for over a year.

Congrats, kiddo.

We're proud of you.
We're proud of you.

See all the pictures, plus three videos: one of Grey reading the poem and two of the kids singing, here:

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3 thoughts on “Preschool Graduation”

  1. I get so sad when I see all this good stuff. I want so bad to go back and do it all over again!!! I do rejoice in my grandchildren, but I want to enjoy it all again, from the beginning! School functions, the works. Plays, pageants, the ‘I need 3 dozen cookies by tomorrow’ stuff. I miss it so much.


    1. – This is the sweetest, ssdedat thing. Nothing is cuter than a pre-schooler in a cap and gown, but nothing is sadder than knowing that he is growing up. It gets me sad since Max and Jaxson are the same age. Don’t they know how hard these things pull our heartstrings?


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