Camp Gramp Day 1

Long time readers will squeal with delight to see that yes! It is Camp Gramp time! (OK, maybe just T, but she totally counts!) For newer readers, Camp Gramp is an annual tradition where my parents take all of their grandchildren for a week and they all have a fantastic time. Camp Gramp is noted for its tents (for sleeping), theme song (new), official breakfast cereal (Lucky Charms) and various and sundry delights. My mother usually sends updates to we parents – scattered as we are – sometimes to the ends of the globe during the festivities – so we see that our kids are having a great time, while we are too. I usually cheat and share my mom’s updates while I’m off gallavanting.

Thane, Kay, Grey & Baz
Thane, Kay, Grey & Baz

Baz (8) and Kay (6) joined us today at noon at Bradley Lake Park for the official start of Camp Gramp 2011. They are a great age. Baz and Grey chased and played hide and seek. Kay assumed guardianship of Thane and explored all of the play equipment. After lunch we walked around the lake.

Then we headed home, spent some time in the bouncy house and back yard, ate dinner of meatballs (beloved) and potato salad (a failure) and corn (disappeared). We put up the tents and the first tragedy happened. The new tent we bought from Baz needs to be anchored — as in tent pegs. This does not work on the living room floor. I don’t know whose tent it is, but there was one in the garage. It is too large, but we will have to make do. They all loved their new PJs. Thane’s are too small. Kay’s are a triple win. Pink, gauzy, and unicorn. Can it be any better? Getting to sleep wasn’t easy tonight. Thane wanted loud music and to sing, others objected to this. There was much wiggling. But I think they are all down now.

Thane’s mom said she expected the scratch and dent report, so here it is. Thane has been particularly blessed — in the French sense. Yesterday he bumped into the desk in the bedroom — fortunately the expected black eye did not appear. Today there was a little adventure at the lake and it involved blackberries. His arms are scratched. But he didn’t complain.

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