Camp Gramp Day 3

Day 3 has a multi-update. Day 4 will not have an update since we’re all here together today, so mom is cooking for us instead of writing. -ED
Camp Gramp Day 3 — I would like some produce for the weekend. Who would like to do a purchasing run?

2 large red tomatoes — for slicing on sandwiches
2 lbs of peaches (or 4 lbs if you think we need two pies)

It is Unca Matt day. He says tonight might be the star gazing night — tell Adam — he wanted to be sure Grey got star gazing. It doesn’t start until 9:30 or so, but I think it would be OK. (Ed. – We didn’t make it home until 11, as apparently going to Crater Lake does NOT add simply a paltry hour to the drive between Ashland and Mineral.)

Love, -gmm

Camp Gramp 3A — Today is going to be amusing! I just heard my son, you remember him, Mr. Candy, say to the children as they walked up the street from getting the mail. “Let me reiterate, candy does not equate to food!”

Camp Gramp 3B — 76.8 F does not seem like swimming weather to be, but it is Crazy Unca Matt day and they did have a good time. Thane should have been named Poseidon or something — that boy does love the water.

Day 3 – finals
Really nice day. Weather the likes of which we treasure and fun with the kids. Unca Matt has them ready to do a play about Jonah on Sunday. Carolyn is the champion of prop creation. She made very creative water from the blow hole of Jonah’s whale.

The older three are still up. We are going to do star gazing tonight. We decided that Thane should go to bed, but he must sense that something is up. He is still awake.

Now for 3 or 4 thousand words — in pictures!

Going for the mail
Going for the mail
It was cold!
It was cold!
World conquest
World conquest
Calvin and Hobbes
Calvin and Hobbes

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