Camp Gramp Thursday and Friday — Great Wolf Lodge

Note: these are updates from my mom about Camp Gramp. I just serve as the editor and publisher!

Yes indeed, Great Wolf Lodge was a fun place to be! Great wet fun was had by all. There aren’t many pictures because cameras and water don’t make a good match, but we had a great time. Thane played in the tot area. He loved the slides and sitting on the banana. Kay was with him most of the time. Baz was an intrepid swimmer. He did all the slides in the park, including the biggest. He did that with Papapa. We were supposed to go together but just didn’t find the right time. Grey did a wonderful job. He really learned how to handle the waves in the wave pool. Poor kid, he was too short for the big slide, but the was plenty of excitment in the ones he did.

Unfortunately, the grandparents weren’t with it and failed to get magic wands with the game. It is like a scavenger hunt all over the hotel. Next time we will be smarter.

The minute I get the three younger ones to sleep, I am going to bed. It was great fun, but I am really tired!

Hey, who took my toddler and replaced him with this boy?
Hey, who took my toddler and replaced him with this boy?
I think he has a future in special ops!
I think he has a future in special ops!

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