9 thoughts on “Walkable Stoneham”

  1. Great post, Brenda! I have always wondered what the deal is with the random patchwork of sidewalks around my house (also in Stoneham). One minute I’m walking on a nice sidewalk, then it disappears for a house or two, then it’s back. Is it up to each home-owner to do the sidewalk in front of their house? Been meaning to ask at city hall but never got around to it. Not really a big deal to me, personally, but definitely not good for handicapped etc. Anyway, 100% in agreement about Montvale.


  2. A great story, and well written. Unfortunately I don’t see the sense in spending more money on sidewalks around town, when the ones we do have are constantly blocked by illegally parked vehicles. The major roads you walked showed open areas that would definitely benefit from sidewalk Improvement. But for miles around town on the secondary roads, it would just amount to more spaces for illegal parking. Unless the local police department gets on board to crack down on this issue, in my opinion it would be a waste of money to spend thousands on sidewalks. It seems to be a constant battle between pedestrians and the police department to get this issue resolved. Not sure why the police do not address this issue without having to be hounded by citizens on foot. I haven’t figured that out yet.


  3. Brenda, you missed the amazing natural formations of tree roots alone the cemetery! Fun for jumping a bike, but not fun when twisting an ankle.


  4. I work in Unicorn Park. Yes! Sidewalks! There is lots of potential for this area. Also, 91 Montvale is a Medical Building! It should be very accessible!


  5. This is a great piece may I post this on The Real Frinds of Stoneham Page?
    As you may or may not know three Selectmen refused Anthony Wilson’s attempt to secure this Grant with DPW.


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