28 days of t-shirts

As part of my great attic shift, I went through all my clothes and moved them from one set of drawers to a new (smaller) set of drawers. One entire drawer is astonishingly full of nothing other than t-shirts with text on them. I like t-shirts quite a lot, especially funny ones. I have a personal schedule of wearing funny t-shirts every Friday, and often pack relevant t-shirts for trips. (Eg. a mountain t-shirt for a trip to the mountains.)

I curated my t-shirt set down to the ones I really liked, and was thinking about all the stories behind them. I have stories behind most things in my life (as you, beloved reader, are likely well aware). And I thought that it would be fun for the month of February to wear a different shirt every day, take a picture and share the picture and brief story with you!

So with no further ado – here’s today’s shirt:

Day 1: Red Google shirt

Color: Red
Fabric: Soft
Attribute: Long
Front Text: Google
Back Text: I make things

I got this t-shirt for participating in a Maker Fair at Google. Most people there brought electronics or robots (there was an amazing one-man-band). I brought jams and did a tasting, which was rather popular. I had a fun time talking about jam and foraging and got some good tips from my colleagues. And all the presenters got t-shirts.

I particularly like the softness of the fabric on this shirt, and the length. I chose to wear it today because there’s a call for people to wear red for women’s heart health. I wouldn’t usually go out of my way for something like this (I doubt effectiveness), but it was a way for me to overcome the paralysis of deciding *which* shirt to wear first