#28daysoftshirt day 5 – work offsite

Yesterday I was traveling. Today I’m in cold California for three days of meetings. Most of the time meetings you fly for imply that your T-shirt wearing needs to take a break. But no! In Silicon Valley, a company tshirt is as good as a suit! (Probably better, actually.)

It’s cold here today (there was mixed snow and rain on the drive in yesterday) so I’m currently in no fewer than three layers of company branded clothing, with a fourth available.
Color: Black
Fabric: Soft
Front Text: Verily

#28DaysofTshirts – Day 2 “No Comment”

No Comment

This is one of my oldest geek t-shirts. My husband goes to Gencon in Indianapolis every year, and has for the last 15 or so years. That represents 15 weeks in August that I’ve been home alone with the kids. In recompense, I demand dice and geeky tshirts. This was one of the first he brought back for me, at a time when I was still writing code every day.

I’m lucky that this particular syntax has aged well. I’ve used the following comment styles – let’s see if you can identify them all!

/*This should never happen*/
//I have no idea what this variable does, but if I try to remove it the whole thing breaks

<!– This may be a comment, but you can totally read it in the finished version –>
<!— I usually don’t publicly admit that this was my primary language —>

Color: Black
Fabric: Stiff
Front Text: /*No Comment*/