#28daysoftshirts – Day 15 I really love “The Martian”

So a funny story about this shirt. I loved “The Martian” – movie, book & audio book. (I also once went on a camping trip with the author & his colleagues at Curt Shilling’s game studio. He was on the quiet side and I have no photographic proof.) I particularly like the pluckiness and resourcefulness of the main character, and this shirt was a) long sleeved b) captured that sentiment. My husband ordered it for me and triple checked that I wanted the, uh, accurate quote (since I generally am not a great user of profanity). I felt like anything else would be watered down and weak sauce.

One of the first times I wore it however, I ended up needing to have a meeting at my child’s school regarding their, uh, vocabulary choices. I couldn’t help but reflect that the profanity on my shirt was not a good look for that conversation. So now I’m really, really careful about which days I wear it!

Color: Brown
Fabric: Stiff
Text: “Stand back – I’m going to have to science the shit out of this”
Attributes: Long sleeved

Difficult selfie!

#28daysoftshirts – Day 14 at the halfway mark

My most difficult to read t-shirt

I have to admit, I kind of forgot it was Valentine’s day today. Although in retrospect, I’m not sure what shirt I would’ve worn instead. This shirt is romantic, because my husband who loves me brought it back from Gencon for me?

Anyway, this is the last of the Tolkien tshirts in my wardrobe (I think). I have to remember when I’m wearing this tshirt, because it’s difficult to read which means that a lot of my colleagues spend an unusual amount of time staring fixedly at my chest trying to work it out, which can be weird until I remember I’m wearing *this* shirt.

I love this shirt.

Color: Forest green
Fabric: Stiff
Text: (in Elvish font) If you can read this I found your ring

#28daysoftshirts – Day 13 is a different kind of nerdy

Hard times!

I’m going to be trying out an orchestra thingy here in Cambridge today. It’s small and unofficial enough that there are no auditions. I still wish I’d, you know, practiced the music ahead of time. But still. Why not try? So in honor of that I went with a music geek shirt. I also wear this when the political situation gets me down.

My only objection to this shirt is that while 13/8 is a hard signature, 6/4 is a downright easy one. Even 5/4 would’ve been better.

Color: Barney purple
Fabric: Stiff
Text: 13/8, 5/4 These are difficult times

#28daysoftshirts – Day 12 continuing the Tolkien theme

It’s a snow day here in Boston – or it’s going to be when the predicted storm hits this afternoon. So I’m working from home. It says… something… that my wardrobe for working from home and attending a team offsite three thousand miles away are nearly identical.

I deeply and dearly love the works of JRR Tolkien. This one is a pretty popular shirt – which is to say I’ve seen more than one other person wearing it. I used to have a green version but somehow it got lost, so I ordered a new one. (I did a different color, so in case the original reappears I know that it’s done so.)

Fun run!

Color: Royal Blue
Fabric: Stiff
Text: Middle Earth’s Annual MORDOR FUN RUN “One does not simply walk”

Do t-shirts get better than this? I think not!!

#28daysoftshirts – Day 11 in Mirkwood

Mirkwood National Forest

I love National Forests. And I love Tolkien. This shirt is two great tastes that taste great together. It does get some double takes from folks who wonder where Mirkwood is (I have to carefully gauge just how detailed my answer needs to be). But it also gets a lot of knowing chuckles. There were a few missed opportunities to take the joke a level higher (like instead of Department of Agriculture maybe something about Wood Elves? Maybe a little spider in the sign corner?) but I forgive it the opportunity costs.

Would I go hiking in Mirkwood? Probably. But there’s one national forest that doesn’t have to worry about the environmental impact of hikers going off-trail!

Color: Forest Service Green
Fabric: Stiff
Text: Entering Mirkwood National Forest (Department of Agriculture)

#28daysoftshirts – Day 10 Back from the mountains

Today is a two-fer, since I wore a shirt in the morning and then changed in the afternoon.

Shirt 10 v1

Shirt 1 – this is one of my newest shirts. I like it because it’s soft and the colors are nice and the fit is nice. But on the other hand, this shirt doesn’t say anything about me not obvious by looking at me. It’s a Women’s ERG shirt. I’m pretty sure the fact I’m a woman isn’t a surprise. I like my tshirts to carry a little more conversational water.

Color: Grey
Fabric: Soft
Text: Google

The mountains are calling

Shirt 2 – is one of my favorites. I love the color and the soft fabric. I bought this shirt up near Longmire when I was prepping to go backpacking with my son. I try to not use quotes out of context, so with this John Muir quote I also started reading a book of his and discovered that John Muir is the prophet of my heart and his writings are profoundly meaningful to me. His autobiography makes it plain what he suffered to find his place in the world, but his writings are full of unbounded joy – switching in a sentence between scientific analysis to theological poetry.

“Nevertheless, these fleeting sky mountains are as substantial and significant as the more lasting upheavals of granite beneath them. Both alike are built up and die, and in God’s calendar difference of duration is nothing.” John Muir: Nature Writings (LOA #92): My First Summer in the Sierra

I was reading Muir up in the quiet and frozen New Hampshire woods, and trying to see what he would see in the ice. So this shirt is in honor of those faroff mountain voices that never quite stop calling me.

Color: Cranberry
Fabric: Soft
Text: The Mountains are Calling – Mt. Rainier WA
Attributes: Fitted

#28daysoftshirts Day 9 Camp Wilmot

Today I’m up in frigid New Hampshire with my family, sitting next to a cast iron wood burning furnace after a snow shoeing journey. I’m at my children’s summer home, Camp Wilmot.

Fortunately I have the right shirt for it! I got this shirt on my 40th when I ran the 5k up here. I love the iconography and color. And the camp!

Color: Green

Fabric: Stiff

Front text: Camp Wilmot Fall 5k