#28daysoftshirts – Day 12 continuing the Tolkien theme

It’s a snow day here in Boston – or it’s going to be when the predicted storm hits this afternoon. So I’m working from home. It says… something… that my wardrobe for working from home and attending a team offsite three thousand miles away are nearly identical.

I deeply and dearly love the works of JRR Tolkien. This one is a pretty popular shirt – which is to say I’ve seen more than one other person wearing it. I used to have a green version but somehow it got lost, so I ordered a new one. (I did a different color, so in case the original reappears I know that it’s done so.)

Fun run!

Color: Royal Blue
Fabric: Stiff
Text: Middle Earth’s Annual MORDOR FUN RUN “One does not simply walk”

Do t-shirts get better than this? I think not!!