Now more heritage posts!

September 2, 2004 How I came to love coffee

September 14, 2004 Stop. Rest. Think. Pray.

September 22, 2004 Religious action vs religious belief

September 26, 2004 Modern sinfulness

September 30, 2004 The Hills are alive

October 16, 2004 Vienna and Venice, or The Best Week of My Life

October 20, 2004 What Can Be Said – the Red Sox on the brink

October 27, 2004 Vermillion

October 28, 2004 The Red Sock

November 22, 2004 What I Learned in Sunday School

December 10, 2004 What love looks like

December 25, 2004 Christmas Night

Heritage posts

So as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve actually kept an online journal since about 2003. Its’ been interesting to go back and read it. I made many fewer posts that stood on their own — most of them were very circumstantial to where I was at that point in time. It’s also interesting to watch myself find my voice and my own style of writing. By mid 2004, I’d started getting into the rhythm, which I’ve continued here.

Anyway, this is a long way of saying that since I couldn’t think of anything entertaining for you this morning, I pulled in two months of archives instead.

There’s July 2004:
And August 2004: