Sating your car-related curiosity

I’m sure you’ll all be super-relieved to hear the outcome to our car woes. Well, at least part of hit. After three weeks of attempting to fix the fact that driving Brunhilde bore an uncanny resemblance to riding a bucking bronco, she is finally fixed! The transmission place replaced a solenoid and now it’s happy. I don’t know what a solenoid is, but I do know that getting ANYTHING fixed on a car for $275 calls for a celebration. So now she’s had all sorts of codes fixed by Midas, which, um, I’m sure will be great AND she’s stopped lurching around. Huzzah! Now to bring the other car in for the $500 missing trim…. really soon. I swear. Then again, duct tape is attractive….

In other completely fascinating and expensive news, we’re bringing in a contractor to work on the rotting wood on our window frames. You know, I knew that owning a home would involve expensive maintenance, but I’d never guessed just how BORING the expensive maintenance would be. I imagined, you know, redoing the bathroom. Or something. Not window frames. Ah well.

So now that you’ve suffered through reading about my car and house woes, I reward you with pictures! Of cute kids! Only some of whom are mine! (And a bok choy.)