Here I am!

So I try to be Ms. Regular about posting. Like exercising or brushing your teeth, you’re more likely to be regular doing it if you do it every day like clockwork.

I’ve been less than regular lately. Babies, boys and holidays can do that. So there was this blissful moment when both boys were asleep and I was at my keyboard and all that was between me and a great post was something to say.




So now both boys are awake and I’m still in the same spot.

Important stuff….

My brother is staying with us for his winter break. This is a tremendous amount of help. I am willing to pay nearly infinite amounts of Dr. Pepper, cheddar cheese and hot pockets for another adult around.

My husband did not get tested for aikido fifth queue as he was expecting to. Further updates as events warrant.

We are carolling next weekend and hosting the carollers afterwards.

The amount of laundry my family currently generates is astonishing.

Thane is regularly rolling front to back.

I bought a new cell phone. It is nifty.

Ummmm… that’s all I have. But hey. I updated!