Oriented zombie needs BRAAAAAINS….

So Monday morning arrived, and lo. It was time for me to do a “commute” and go to “werk” again. I spent the first four hours of my day being oriented on things, large and small, at my new company. It was interesting. I’m sure I’ll remember it later, when I actually have slept on it. Right now, I’m like, “Uh, I learned like stuff?” Then I spent the afternoon attempting to log into all the various systems I was supposed to log in to, unpacking my huge box o’ stuff (my pens occasioned comment), discovered where the loot was stored, where IT sits, and that there is composting available in my building. I call that a day well done.

Oh also, this blog represents my own view and by no means the view of my employer, who I’m kind of hoping no one ever figures out or ties back to this blog, so it really really doesn’t represent them. (Why yes, I did actually read the internet use documentation and guidelines. I’m a sucker like that.)

I don’t intend to discuss my employer or employment much here. And obviously that’s like 90% of what I’m thinking about right now. That and logistics, like packing lunches, how tired and hungry the boys are when I pick them up from their new preschool and other completely thrilling things like that.

So to sum up:
Good day. Good company. Things are going well.
Hopefully I will be less zombielike soon.