Like a hole in his head

I sent a perfectly intact child to school this morning. The kid I came home to has a hole in his head!

He’s flawed! Flawed I tell you!

As if I don’t have enough angsty change to deal with, with one of my sweet little babies turning nine, one of my sweet little babies starting Kindergarten, and now a missing tooth! It’s like the universe is trying to tell me that I don’t have any babies, I have boys!

Thane swallowed his tooth. (Rookie move.) I tried to convince him that the tooth fairy would just operate on him in his sleep (he still clearly totally buys the whole tooth fairy thing), but he insisted that his stomach acid would dissolve the tooth. How can a kid be so smart and yet so gullible?

He wrote a note to the tooth fairy, in lieu of the tooth. Being that he’s in his third week in Kindergarten, it’s pretty unreadable. As far as I can tell it says, Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost my too-th. It fell out and I don’t know where my lost tooth is.” He said he wrote it in bands like a rainbow, only this was three bands and rainbows have seven. I think the green thing is a picture of the tooth. I promise that the actual tooth was not green at the time of loss.

Accepted as legal tender by tooth fairies everywhere.


One of the primary differences between a first-born and a later-born: with your first-born, you’re excited about many milestones. With your later-born, you know better.

Last night I finally glimpsed that thing for which I have been waiting. I knew it was coming, read the signs. There was the fussiness. The drool. The gnawing. And then last night I saw the glimmer — the tiny dot of white in a previously pink expanse.

Thane’s first tooth has arrived.

A myriad things whirl through my mind — now he’ll have better luck with some solids. Perhaps the fussiness will go down a notch. I think of the troubles that I’ve started having nursing (hurts like a sonofa, and my production is tailing off – I’m pumping about 12 ounces a day and he’s drinking 18 – 20. You do the math on that one.) With teeth, that’s only going to get harder.

Dominant among the thoughts, though, is that my baby has taken one more milestone step away from babyhood and towards boyhood.

How I will miss the gummy smile!

Look ma! No teeth!
Look ma! No teeth!