Back to life, back to reality

Was this Christmas afternoon disc the last frisbee session until April?

Well, it’s done. We have Christmas Eve’d, Christmas Day’d, flow out to Washington, done Christmas twice more with the natal clan, relaxed, hiked, had a wedding*, locked ourselves out of the RV, got back in, returned to Boston, deconstructed the Christmas tree, put away all the suitcases and watched “The Battle of the Five Armies”. (Because being home at 3 pm on a Monday is an opportunity not to be wasted. We had the theater to ourselves!)

The frenetic pace of the holidays is well and truly done – even Epiphany has passed – and we’re through to the other side.

Oh, what a dark and bleak other side it is. The oppressively cold, persistently dark, nothing-to-look-forward-to time of year. I was reminded, being in Washington in January, that at least here in New England we periodically see daylight. Yesterday was a day of darkened skies and lowering clouds in the Northwest. The rivers ran high with rain and snowmelt. It never got above dim the entire day. Returning to New England the winds blew through our coats like Legolas’ knife through Orcish armor as we stood shivering, half-asleep at the taxi stand. But at least there was daylight.

I haven’t quite decided whether I kind of like this time of year, or actively loathe it. Let’s review:

Actively loathe:

  • It’s really cold
  • I’m never warm
  • Paying off the bills from Christmas
  • No days off until like May
  • Also, Christmas cookie weight, and January gyms
  • Commutes in snow
  • Tax time

Kinda like:

  • No pressure to “make the weekends count”
  • Looking outside and noticing that it’s snowing
  • Snow days
  • Feeling like you can really settle into hard work at work, and plan
  • Time to read
  • Hot tea

I think that even in the final analysis, the negatives outweigh the positives, but there are some small compensations to treasure. The ground is still bare here in Boston. The weather this week is supposed to hit negative numbers. I am ready for a month of seeing people I always intend to see and have trouble making the right time for, reading books, and wearing my fuzzy bathrobe as much as possible.

What about you? Is Q1 your favorite time of year, or least favorite? What small compensations are there to the lousy-weather, no-holidays time? What, if anything, do you look forward to?

*I promise I’ll give you a full rundown, and I did take approximately ninety-bajillion pictures, but my sister-in-law has requested that we wait to Socially Media her wedding until she’s back from her honeymoon to join in the fun!

All beautiful the march of days

Before I had children, I thought of January and February as the wasted time. The boring time. The stuck inside time. The vaguely depressed time. Now the first three months of the year represent the only times in my life when the pressure eases back a little. I – sometimes – have weekends when nothing much happens. If you try to do something with me in the summer on a Saturday, chances are good I’ll return with a next-free-date a month in the future. In January, there’s time for reading, relaxing, not-muching. Of course, I respond by being terribly lazy and hanging out on my couch in my jammies. (Ahem.)

Still, it is against my nature not to use the free time for some joyful activities. I have a big one coming up (and am being forced to be slightly less lazy in order to prepare for it), but my camera has evidence of a joyful January together.

Here is a link to the full set of pictures!

It included:

The kids loved the kids room at the Peabody Essex Museum
The kids loved the kids room at the Peabody Essex Museum
Grey and Thane both expend creative energy in their time at home.
Grey and Thane both expend creative energy in their time at home.
Uncanny picture of two magician brothers. (The link has a video showing Grey's tricks.)
Uncanny picture of two magician brothers. (The link has a video showing Grey’s tricks.)