More on Nathaniel Dike

In my last post, I included a picture of the final resting place of young Nathaniel Dike, killed in a firearm accident. One of the joys of small town (or at least, not ginormous town) life is that several members of the Stoneham Historical Commission read my blog. The commission chair, Marcia Wengen, sent me some more information on Nathaniel, which we both thought you might find interesting!

A boy killed by a friend playing with a gun.... a hundred and fifty years ago.
A boy killed by a friend playing with a gun…. a hundred and fifty years ago.

Thought you and your audience might find this obituary for Nathaniel Dike interesting. This accident pre-dated Stoneham newspapers and so my researcher had to look to Boston editions. Interesting that the name of the shooter is withheld, just as it would be today

The style of headstone leads me to believe that he may have been buried elsewhere initially.

The style is suggestive of others stones in the OBG (Old Burying Ground) but there is no record of his removal to Lindenwood.

The Stoneham Cemetery (sometimes referred to as William Street Cemetery and on the grounds of Old Central School) was consecrated in 1844, so I think it unlikely he was moved from the OBG across the street. In the DPW file I found records of Stoneham Cemetery burials moved to Lindenwood (ca. 1899), but alas Nathaniel is not among them.

Nathaniel Dike Obituary
Nathaniel Dike Obituary