A book report on Peter Rabbit

I’m thinking about books a lot lately. My new commute has offered me the precious gift of time to read books. I just finished reading my favoritestestest book ever, Lois McMaster Bujold’s Curse of Chalion, which you need to immediately go out and buy and read for its epic perfection.

I’m a re-reader. I decided, after finishing Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in Middle English, that I would never again feel inferior for the way I enjoy reading… which includes returning to favorites at least as often as I open brand new tomes. But Curse of Chalion is one of those books that rewards rereading richly. This time I admired how Bujold glorified the thinking through of how complicated things are, and how complex situations do not have emotionally satisfying, one-scene confrontations successfully resolve things. In fact, our hero intelligently avoids such situations in order to preserve the safety of himself and others.

When I was thinking about the book, and thinking about what I wanted to tell you about it, my sister announced her aspirational goal for the year. I want to learn how to play “Kathy’s Song” on guitar. She wants to publish a professional book review. She also watches with pride her ranking as an Amazon reviewer. Back in my pre-bus days, her book reviews used to mock me. I had no time to read! Of course the flip side was what little time I did have to read, I wanted to read good stuff that was rated B (not too depressing or gory). Heidi always summarizes her book reviews with a “read if” and a “skip if”. Sometimes the “skip if” is “you are my sister Brenda”. She’s helpful that way. Anyway, I mention this because I think you might enjoy her book reviews too, which you can find here on Goodreads.

And finally, my son. My Grey. He and I just finished Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH together, and it was awesome. It’s really a great book. Action-packed, serious, takes its readers seriously for all their youth, interesting ideas. He thoroughly enjoyed it. Last night being Library Pizza night (hadn’t realized we’d just passed the first anniversary of this auspicious event!), I came home with Dragonbreath #6: Revenge of the Horned Bunnies. I read him the first two chapters last night, my voice hoarse from having read approximately 89 books to Thane prior to reading to Grey. As I have been waiting for, for some time now, Grey couldn’t wait until bedtime tonight for me to read more. Instead, he’s picked it up and sneaking reading in around the corners of his day… Grey reads all the time, but it’s so awesome to see him start in on longer books.

So that’s it. In these days of dire news on publishing, my life is as full of books as it has been in a decade, both for myself and the people around me.

How about you? Are you reading still? Or are you reading different things now, like, oh, your favorite bloggess? Do you still read books? How do you find them to read? How do you read them?