The 200th day of Winter

Winter has lasted several years now. We’re in the impossible part of winter. We’ve had the epicest of cold. We’ve had the snow. We had the ice. We had the ice then snow combo. We had the snow then ice combo. We had the snow then rain then ice combo. We had the sleet. If there’s a way to make a sidewalk impassible and convince you to stay inside, this winter has had it. And it’s only the middle of February. Some of you live in places where daffodils bloom in March. We usually see our very first snowdrops a month from now, around March 15. Daffodils are strictly an April thing. Maybe May. We have plenty of time yet for more combinations of gray skies, slick sidewalks, cutting winds and dreary weekends.

Did I mention the flu? So far, knock on wood, it hasn’t hit too close to home. We all got immunized in October. But it did take out our attic contractor. This particular flu can last up to four weeks, and really knock you out. So it looks like our attic start date will be March at the earliest. On the one hand, that gives us more time to clear out the attic. (Which we then pretty much didn’t do this weekend at all.) On the other hand, that much longer until we’re done! I hope our contractor feels better soon. I hope I finish up the work we need to do soon too!

While I am very whiny about winter, the Olympics are definitely a bright spot. I love the Olympics! I’ve been enjoying the biathlon particularly this year. The opening ceremonies were lovely. The drones were SO COOL. The kids have been watching with me. Grey is particularly interested since his social studies class is doing a fantasy league for the Olympics. He wisely picked Norway. He and his brother have been cheering on his selections enthusiastically. Hopefully I can sneak in some good watching in the coming two weeks!

The walking has been especially nerve-wracking with Thane’s broken wrist. It’s been about a month since he broke it. We’re headed to the doctor on Wednesday, who will hopefully be able to tell us we can lose the cast. Sadly, he missed the entire end of the basketball season. He was really enjoying basketball. Ah well – next year!

Wednesday is also a day of contradictory emotions. We have Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday. I’ll probably be more Ashy than mushy. (My Sunday School students pointed out today that they’re both holidays about love! Our love for each other, and Jesus’ love for us. Nicely done, Sunday School kids.) Lent is always an interesting and valuable time of year. I try to make it a bit set apart – to think a bit more deeply and feel a bit more vulnerably.

What’s up in your long winter?

Camp Gramp Olympics

There is no crying at the Olympics!

Today is Olympics day. We are going to watch the opening ceremonies tonight so decided to have some competitions this afternoon for the kids. Mistake. It is very difficult to handicap a competition between three so divergent ages. Therefore, only Sebastian escaped tears.

We had a torch parade — 3 of the 4 glow sticks failed to work. Perhaps this is because they are about 5 years old. Thane won that one! His glowed. it is currently residing in his suitcase where he is convinced it will still be glowing when he gets home.

Thane lacks the competitive spirit — or more accurately, doesn’t understand hide and seek. He dropped out when he and I were the seekers and he noticed the Scooby Doo DVD paused on the downstairs TV. That was probably a good thing.

Grey was upset because he got found in hide and seek. They looked in his place. He didn’t want to participate in the outside competition, but was eventually lured out and did very well in jump out of the swing contest!

Kay hated soccer, which was the competition she asked for. When she kicked the ball, it went crooked. Also, she hated the legos competition to build the tallest tower. The blocks kept falling apart. Baz won that one too with an improbable creation.

The final competition was a team sport. Go to Dick’s store together and get as many nutritious snacks as possible with $1.25 each. What?! Candy provides nutrition! They started this competition happy. We will see how they come home.

The best laid plans of Gramama and Papapa ….