In further news

The jam count is now up to 4. Unfortunately, we did not get any more apricots this week. Instead, we got half as many plums as I would need to make plum jam. I’m not sure whether I’ll attempt to buy enough plums to make jam or attempt to eat the plums. 18 is an awkward number of plums to eat in a week. Happily, I did have enough peaches and made peach jam last night. Interim reports are that it is delicious. Also, I am now out of jam jars.

I’m thinking of making apple jelly this fall.

Then, while the jam was setting, I went upstairs to finally get all the pictures off my camera. I won’t pretend this is the best edited set of pictures ever, or the best pictures ever for that matter. It sort of goes like this:

Gorgeous mountain and kids
Gorgeous mountain alone
Camp Gramp

But we’re going camping again this weekend and I’ll likely take another set of pictures nearly identical to the last three sets of camping pictures, so I figured I’d clean off the camera. I make no apology for the nearly identical gorgeous pictures of Mt. Rainier.