Ahoy, maties!

When I was in fifth grade, we got this computer game called Pirates of the Carribean. Happily (from my perspective) I came down with chickenpox and had to stay home for a week. I certainly had the pox, but I wasn’t that sick. I spent the entire week, in the middle of an unusually frozen Northwest winter, playing Pirates. It was awesome.

I have realized lately that I’m not hitting flow in anything at any point in my time. I pump every two hours at work. I am pulled in 20 directions when I’m home and usually do chores until I drop. I don’t even get to settle into sleep. I get woken up between two and six times a night by various dependents of mine. (On a bad night, that includes the cats.) I desperately want, need, to get completely absorbed in something until I am no longer conscious of the passing of time.

This is why, I think, I was so desperate to find a good computer game to play. But I’ve played all the ones I know I like until they didn’t quite fit the bill. Either I was bored with them or I knew they weren’t quite what I was looking for.

So last night, babysitter available, my husband and I went in quest of a video game. We struck out completely at one Gamestop. The second was better, but noticeable scarce on PC games. So we decided to stop by Target before admitting we’d been skunked. And guess what? They had the best yet selection of video games for PCs. And they had the 2006 remake of that pirates game.


You’ll be glad to hear that before bed yesterday, I managed to become the 7th most feared pirate. I have yet to locate any of my missing relatives or buried treasure, but that comes next, assuming I can keep the troops from mutinying.

It feels GREAT to just veg out in front of the computer for a bit. I just wish there was another day or two of weekend!

Grey adds:

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