A big day

Yesterday was a big day.

The groom to be with his bridegift
The groom to be with his bridegift

First, let me announce the engagement of my son Grey to Tamisha. The wedding will take place once Grey is “big”. Tamisha will wear, according to the groom, “A beautiful pink dress”. (Note: Tamisha really is lovely and would look beautiful in a pink dress.) Sadly, the nuptials will be interrupted by an attack of monsters, from which Grey will be forced to rescue his bride with “Fire and Ice!”

I will attempt to get a picture of Tamisha. She’s a really sweet young lady. She’ll be headed to kindergarten next year. But there is something very sweet about that first love. Actually, when I was 4 or 5, I was engaged to a boy named Gregory. It didn’t occur to me until my son was much older to wonder if I have always had a positive association with the name due to that early romance. (In perhaps another telling sign of things to come, one of the things I remember doing with Greg was playing board games.)

The next piece of critical news regards my youngest. Oh, my bright bonny boy. What a joy he is. Every time I think of him my heart wells up. He is so consistently joyful and cheerful. He burbles and talks with such good nature.


Last night was bath night. (I would pretend my kids get baths more than twice a week, but why bother? They get baths twice a week.) I had Thane getting some preciously scarce naked time on a towel while I washed Grey’s hair. While I watched, Thane rolled onto his side aaaaaand …. ROLLED OVER! Back to front! He uses his legs extensively in this feat, so I think it helped that he was unencumbered by clothing. He came really close to doing so clothed earlier in the evening. But I think when he’s all dressed for night, he is less likely to be able to roll.

But still! My big boy!

Also, I’ve taken to doing the “Baby food torment”. For those of you unfamiliar with the ritual, babies learn to eat better when they watch you eat. I’m preparing Thane for solid foods. So last night, I made sure he watched me eat my entire dinner, with sort of the exaggerated “yum yum!” faces you made at your siblings when YOU got Mac and Cheese and THEY had to eat the leftover corned beef hash. Thane attempted to stuff everything he could find into his mouth. Toys, fingers, his brother’s hand… He looked at me wide-eyed, with the puppy dog look that asked how I could be so CRUEL as to eat in front of him when he was STARVING and didn’t I know that those fat rolls around his thighs were actually STARVATION BLOAT?!?!?

So I take back what I said before. He is getting ready. I think I’ll wait until my mother in law comes out in a fortnight to make the introduction. Mostly because it will take me that long to assemble: disposable bibs (world’s greatest invention!), baby spoons, baby bowls (ok, disposable plastic containers), some baby food (I already have rice cereal), locate my baby food mill (for show — I think I used it once?), and a blast shield.

How fast the time flies. It seems like just yesterday that Grey was the one finger-painting with rice cereal.

Thane babyroller, the hungry child
Thane babyroller, the hungry child