Just keep moving

Don't worry - the story ends with blue skies
Don't worry - the story ends with blue skies

This weekend was a study in inertia. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Objects at rest tend to be cranky.

Saturday didn’t start well. There was a serious bout of crankiness going through the house, and we kept reinfecting each other, like some nasty virus. The weather was gorgeous outside, but we just couldn’t shake the storm clouds. It was a busy day, which was probably part of it. We tried Grey on a piano lesson (we’re trying to figure out which activities will be fun for our FIVE YEAR OLD — I still can’t get over that). Thane was rather nightmarish during the lesson. I’d planned on getting him out of the way, but (confession time) my kryptonite is getting up in the morning, so I wasn’t ready to whisk him away. Halfway through I took him on a walk to the library to return all but one of the books we’d taken out a fortnight ago.

Grey and Adam did aikido, and Grey even entertained himself during the older kids’ session. I put Thane down for a nap, and in a complete departure from form, he wouldn’t go. Once I finally got him down, I mowed the lawn & then hand-scrubbed the back fence, which was moldy. (Digression: I’d bought one of those power washer attachments for this. I tried it out. After about 20 minutes, it became clear this was no panacea. I was compiling a complicated fence-cleaning plan including special fence-cleaning chemicals and a REAL pressure washer when it occurred to me that maybe I could just wipe it off. A dish scrubber and biodegradeable dish soap did the job with admirable alacrity. It was touch and go whether I had that much common sense, though.)

But Thane woke up after only about half an hour’s nap (he needs more like 2.5 hours). The stormclouds still thundered. Through sheer force of will, I got clothes and shoes on everyone, packed some snacks, and loaded everyone into the car.

The clouds began to break.

We got to the Middlesex Fells reservation and started hiking.

There was laughter.

We walked from dim darkness to golden autumnal twilight, running and singing and laughing and chasing each other. We watched our sons climb a big hill together and hit things with sticks. We found mushrooms. We at chocolate at the top of a hill, surrounded by pines, with golden glimmers of sunset water in the distance. We sang “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”.

Eating chocolate
Eating chocolate

The day was saved.

Taking the lesson of it, this morning we skipped church. (Note: I really like church, but I was having trouble figuring out how to fit apple picking in this fall. This was my solution.) We drove out to the hinterlands of New Hampshire (ok ok… right across the Massachusetts border, but in an obscure spot). We got lost in a corn maze, admired goats (or as Thane called them, elephants), rode a hayride tractor (Thane refused to get off so he and I did it twice), ate our weight in apples, rough-housed in the grass and selected two very fine pumpkins. Then we bought and ate some apple crisp. The over-long drive home, windows down, singing to Peter Paul & Mary was as good as mistakes of over-reaching come.

I have to go to work on Columbus Day. I’ll be bringing the boys to Abuela’s. Grey didn’t “count down” to his birthday, but he is to this daycare day. With a weekend as rich and joyful as this, though, I don’t mind working.

Thane was beside himself to be on a TRACTOR!
Thane was beside himself to be on a TRACTOR!

Interim report

I think I really like the new company. I have yet to meet a colleague I don’t genuinely like, and I swear I met the entire third floor this morning. (Just about the only people I haven’t met are the guys next door — and I’ll get there!) As of about 3:30 this afternoon, I even got a real-o programming assignment in the brand new language/environment that I’ll be working in. I believe I read my panic and inability to figure anything out correctly as complete fatigue. This afternoon and tomorrow will be the worst of the ignorance, and then I’ll start climbing the hill towards competence.

It’s funny how much I find I know about things that aren’t actually useful. There was a discussion about contracts and pricing and I was practically jumping up and down because THAT is an issue that I UNDERSTAND.

Anyway, hopefully once I’m using less of my processing power for making friends, remembering names and learning new languages, I’ll have some left over for you!

Thane at three weeks old

First of all, I am tired. Crazy tired. This weekend was, uh, tiring and Thane is still waking up every two hours and Grey is still getting up at sunrise and my husband has gone back to work. That advice about sleeping when your child sleeps? When you have two of them, not only can they tag team you but one of them crying wakes up the other one and then naptime becomes nothing more than your fondest wish.


This is my way of letting you know that not only am I not posting pictures today, I’m TIRED!

But today was Thane’s three week checkup. Let’s look at some vital stats:

20.5 inches
7lbs 14 ounces

Discharge: (2 days)
6 lbs 11 ounces

1 week:
21 inches
7 lbs 3 oz

3 weeks:
21.5 inches
8 lbs 14 oz

For your edification, newborns are *supposed* to gain about an ounce a day. Thane has gained two ounces a day since his discharge from the hospital (bringing his weight more in line with his height, and well into normal/average).

This would also explain why I am still sore and tired, since, um, that’s a lot of feeding — both in terms of amount and time. One can only hope that he’ll start slowing down soon!

He already looks really different. His face has filled out and he looks much more like a baby and less like a newborn. How fast the time passes!