Election Day is tomorrow

I remain convinced that the best, most constitutional way to fix the issue of money in politics is for voters to ignore ads and money when placing their votes. Poof! Money ceases to become important, and whatever criteria we’re using to make our decisions suddenly becomes critical.

So today, in advance of election day, I went and found my ballot, compared candidates answers on a range of questions, and made up my own mind based on stated policies who I wanted to vote for. Take that, attack ads!

For my fellow citizens of the Commonwealth — Boston.com has a great voter’s guide. You can print or email your ballot when you’re done to take with you into the polling place. You can also tweet/facebook your endorsements. This is a great opportunity to help make America a Republic where votes can’t be bought, they have to be earned by thoughtful statements of policy. I think that’s something we can all agree on.