White and Nerdy

Friday I was done with my old employer, and my husband was out of pocket. I was faced with a night where I had responsibilities – but I knew I would likely feel a little unmoored. I was contemplating this problem when my son walked by singing about tinfoil.

“Hmmmmm” I pondered. “Has this Weird Al obsessed generation actually seen UHF? Does my son know that red snapper is very tasty, and turtles are nature’s suction cups?” I decided the only thing to do was to watch it with the boys. Better yet – I figured – throw in two similarly obsessed friends and make it a sleepover! (I am full of brilliant ideas.) Better better yet, maybe I could document it and create one of those musical montages people do for birthdays that always make me tear up.

I made it happen. A few notes:
– Even young boys can demolish their body weight in pigs-in-a-blanket
– The nice thing about little kids is that they don’t understand the point of a sleepover is to drive parents nuts and never go to sleep. They all conked out right when I told them to, much to my surprise
– UHF is still a brilliant movie
– I can’t figure out how one procures music that isn’t blocked by DRM for this. I tried downloading from Google figuring if I kept this all in the Google suite of tools they’d let me. I was wrong. I had to pick a piece from the one Weird Al album we actually physically own. Advice is welcome.
– This is a very bad first try. My photography is clearly rusty, my story telling needs work, and it really helps if you know what you’re doing. Still – bad first tries are where we start, right?

So with no further ado….