I love data

I usually think of myself as a liberal arts kinda girl — all about poetry and language and music and history. But back in high school, I took the ASVAB (the military’s aptitude test) in order to get out of class and (this is the real reason) because I always liked taking standardized tests. (I know! I’m sorry!). Anyway, the results of this test weren’t wildly surprising except one: I aced the code-breaking section. According to the military and my fuzzy 15 year old memory, I was unusually good at translating one list to another. It indicated that I might be a capable computer programmer. I scoffed.

And here I am, a computer programmer. Go figure. I guess what I’m saying is that my image of myself as a words only person is just that: an image. I actually do have this well of unappreciated ability in the less subjective. One of the places this shows up most is in data sets.

I just cannot resist real numbers. If it can be measured, it makes me happy. For example, as you may recall, I carefully measured and calculated my milk production while pumping at work, doing my best to note and avoid problems with my data set. Why? Um, because data is cool? And of course, halfway through you think of other data you should’ve collected (time spent pumping, quality of audio book being listened to, frigidity of server room and impact on milk production).

So for Christmas my brother bought me a Wii fit. It plays exactly into my weakness. Oh, the Wii throws off fantastic data! It has charts and graphs. How much of the time I spent in my workout was done using strength training exercises? How consistent have I been? How many calories did I burn doing X activity? What is my BMI, with a precision of 2. Love! Love love! Data! It gets even better for me, because I find data highly motivational. Give me a measurable objective and watch me make it and then exceed it by a little bit because, um, that’s just how I roll. So fantastic, right?

Well…. there’s just one problem. Let’s say I have half an hour to workout (aka: a miracle has occurred). Which activity is likely to produce the best fitness results: Wii fit, or a half hour fitness workout (I have a Bollywood dance workout DVR’d I’m dying to try)? Chances are the non-Wii workout will get my heart rate higher longer. But! But but! It won’t provide me with the delicious, delicious data I crave. I’ll have to go by estimates and feelings! Bah!

Exercise isn’t the only place where I face this conflict between the measurable and the likely more effective. This happens all the time in food. For example, which one of these is probably all-over better for you: the delicious turkey-burgers my husband made for dinner last night, or a frozen Healthy Choice dinner? Right. Homemade food from actual ingredients has numerous benefits over prepackaged “food” products – not the least of which is taste. Now, which one of these is easily quantified? That would be the prepackaged one, of course. On the other hand, this “from scratch” food may have nutritional surprises. I’m pretty sure that the turkey-burgers were pretty healthy, but what about the chili that I make about once every two weeks? I think it’s pretty decent nutritionally, but I could be wrong.

So I can rigorously and accurately count calories, or I can make my food from scratch.

The last time I set about losing baby-weight, I accomplished it through rigorous calorie counting in both intake and output. I believe that I switched the way I ate from a mostly home cooked to more prepared. That’s harder now, because there are more people eating the food we cook. I don’t think I’m willing to do that again. (Also, the site I used for calorie counting is still stuck in Web 1.0 and has a painful interface. Oh, for an iPhone with a food and exercise log app!) It will be interesting to see whether I can pull this off: reduce calories and exercise regularly without constant data streams and numbers. So motivational do I find numbers, I’m actually not entirely sure I can.

What about you? Do you love data or find it irrelevant or constrictive? What pointless data sets do you obsessively maintain? What are other circumstances are there conflicts between an optimal outcome and a measurable outcome? Which one do you pick when they are in conflict: optimal or measurable?

Wow, this goes faster when you use TWO hands!

When last we left our heroine, she was tired. Shockingly, she is still tired.


My baby brother and my baby
My baby brother and my baby

Let us contemplate the news of the last few days:


  • I hate malls. I forget that I hate malls, though. I went to the mall last night and was totally skunked. I don’t get it… apparently gazillions of people are delighted to pay loads of cash for 25 different designer versions of what is basically the same sweater. But no one else in the entire world wants a decent selection of high quality (silver or crystal) Christmas ornaments. No. Everyone else wants plastic or that glass stuff which I personally loathe. And if they don’t want plastic or blown glass, they want ugly. Hrmph.
  • Thane really, truly manages to know when his brother is either asleep or not present and adjusts his sleep schedule accordingly.
  • We downloaded Super Mario Bros 3 to the Wii. Newsflash: I suck at it.
  • My brother. Oh, my poor brother. He reappeared late on Saturday night and joined us for church. After church, lunch and nap we bid him a fond farewell for a fortnight. Bye bye! Then last night, as I settled into the bath, the phone rang. (ring ring!) His clutch gave out on the Mass Pike at Sturbridge. Woes. Fortunately my parents had signed up for the Super Ooper Duper AAA package with 100 miles of free towing, so the car and the boy got here. At 4 am. I sent him off on the T this afternoon, not fully gruntled.
  • Grey went to daycare today. (I am short on patience — that’s good for none of us.) I had this huge list of things I was going to get done. I did do some good present shopping at Target and online. And I picked up the house and put away clothes. And started tonight’s dinner. And did the whole “console brother” thing. But Thane just wouldn’t sleep today, so the ordering of pictures and Christmas cardage have so far not happened, and I must pick up the eldest in an hour. I also had these fond dreams of going grocery shopping. Yeah… no.
  • “All the Werys of Pern” is clearly NOT the next book after “The White Dragon”. Does anyone know which one is? Is it “The Renegades of Pern”?
  • My husband is going to be in Nashville for a full week starting Saturday morning. I’m getting a head start on the dreading. Anyone who’s been wondering when I’ll need their support and love, pencil in that week. (I think Grey may go to daycare the whole week. Seriously, I have NO CLUE how single parents do it!)