Test Results

(Originally marked private. I’d totally forgotten about this!)

So my blood sugar came back low. Very low. Low enough that they scheduled me a standing appointment at a nearby hospital to get it retaken and make sure it’s not some glitch. Abnormally low, she said.

Personally, I buy her hypothesis that the sugar just degraded in the test tube. I think I’d know if I had dangerously low blood sugar levels. And for heaven’s sake, I had Frosted Flakes for breakfast not three hours before the blood draw. And the nurse who took it was a lousy phlebotomist. I could’ve done better.

But still, it sounds like I’ll need to scrap plans to go to Ash Wednesday service in favor of going to the hospital. Or maybe I can do both, but only if I make a tremendous sacrifice and leave work after 8 hours…


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