39 and a half weeks pregnant, but who’s counting?

I once again got through an exam ungroped. Next exam will make up for it.

My belly has apparently gotten smaller — I measure 34 cm. So basically, I look 7 months pregnant, not nearly 10. This seems true — I really don’t look nearly as pregnant as I am, and not as pregnant as I did a few weeks ago. I think this is because my son is SO LOW that he’s not actually all the way IN my belly. I would be more worried if we didn’t have a recent ultrasound pointing to a very reasonable size.

His heartbeat was 160. This is high for him (he likes 144) and the high end of normal. I would be more worried if I hadn’t eaten 3 cookies on my way to the doctor’s office.

He’s moving less than he used to. I’m pretty sure this is because he’s so low/engaged (his head is stuck, so he can’t do the wild gyrations he was doing a few weeks ago). Also, moving LESS than he used to still more than meets the criteria for moving several times an hour. It’s just less vigorous. And he still loves his 11 pm workout.

As far as future planning goes, at my next appointment on Monday I’ll be officially post-due. We’re planning on having her strip my membranes then. (No, still not going to explain what that is. You can look it up.) She is operating on the assumption that it’s likely to work. I’m operating on the assumption that I’ll be going nuts and happy to try relatively non-interventionist methods of inducing labor. (See also: lobster bisque, chocolate, marital relations, raspberry tea). I’ll probably go in for a non-stress test on Monday too, just to make sure everything’s ok.

Turns out she’s going on vacation November 4th. ARGH! NO PRESSURE!

I also negotiated ahead of time for getting to wait until the 10th before being induced (instead of the 7th). She says that as long as the non-stress tests are ok, and given the family history I’ve harped on constantly (she complains about their computer systems, I never pass up an opportunity to point out how late I’m likely to go), that should be ok. (But she won’t be here so I’ll have to argue with her OB.)

Yeah, so I guess I should actually write out my birth preferences.

What the heck, you’re all fascinated, right?

I would like:

  • To have as few interventions as possible
  • To labor in the tub as long as possible
  • To retain my mobility during labor, and possibly use alternate birthing positions (squatting, etc.)
  • To eat and drink during labor if I feel like it
  • To push when I feel I am ready to push
  • The umbilical cord to stay intact for as long as blood is being transferred
  • To try to nurse right away
  • To exclusively breastfeed my baby, and have him in the room with me as much as possible
  • For any tears to be stitched using a crown stitch, if possible
  • My husband to speak for me in the case that I am not able to communicate my wishes


I would not like:

  • To be offered pain medication — I will ask if I think I need it
  • To have an episiotomy unless medically indicated
  • To have labor-intensifying/inducing drugs unless medically required
  • A C-section except when medically required
  • To be constantly monitored
  • To have an IV
  • To force my husband to cut the umbilical cord


I am ok with:

  • Trainees or students being present during the labor/birth
  • Participating in very low risk studies regarding birth/post birth care
  • Standard newborn treatments (vitamins in the eyes, blood test from the heel)


Am I missing anything?


Does this woman look 9 months pregnant to you?
Does this woman look 9 months pregnant to you?

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