The waiting game

Every time I have a midwife/medical appointment this late in pregnancy, I always feel like I should be ready to report to the hospital, do not pass go, do not collect $200. It takes so little to get them worried, and there’s no medical reason for me to stay pregnant at this point, other than the baby isn’t ready to come out. I’m always wondering, “Should I take my work laptop?” (I’ll want it at home with me.) Should I clean out the perishables in the ‘fridge before I go?

Then again, I pretty much go through the same checklist every night, too.

I figure my “Ready or Not” date is no later than November 10th. (That puts me 15 days after my due date and assumes that I successfully negotiate induction AFTER the weekend that marks the 2 week mark and not BEFORE.) That’s 20 days away. My due date is 5 days away. My best-guess date is 10 days away.

Are we there yet?


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