10 reasons today sucks

So during Lent I’ve been working really hard to look at the good side of things — to pursue the positive and let the negative I can’t change wash past me.

Well, I’m all out of Pollyanna today.

Top 10 reasons today sucks:
10. The laundry and dishes aren’t done.
9. I forgot my iPod at home.
8. Another coworkers returned from maternity leave so now I have to share the pumping room.
7. The pumping room is also the server room. It has a beeping server today and probably will for some time. (They’re working on it.)
6. It’s supposed to rain all day.
5. I had to walk a mile in “office shoes” to get to work this morning. It made me late to work.
4. I don’t see a day on this week’s schedule when I can spend quality time with my husband. We’re also both completely wiped out.
3. Thane keeps crying bitterly and I can’t figure out why or make it better
2. The Red Sox have already postponed today’s home opener
1. Vomit all over my car — the champion’s way to start the day!

PS – If you’re here because you had a terrible day, you might consider reading Gives Me Hope to feel better!

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Brenda currently lives in Stoneham MA, but grew up in Mineral WA. She is surrounded by men, with two sons, one husband and two boy cats. She plays trumpet at church, cans farmshare produce and works in software.

7 thoughts on “10 reasons today sucks”

  1. wow. rough day, and i though my was bad. all that happened to me (im a teenager) was
    1.little kids attacked me and when i got them, i got into trouble
    2.accidentally slamed the door on my way in
    3.nearly choked my dog draging him to his room
    4.kicked my toe quiet hard then got mad at my dog

    Thankyou for making me feel better! hope you have good luck ahead 😛
    yeah uhh i might be a bit late replying…


    1. Jordan,

      Bad days happen all throughout life. The best you can hope for is a high percentage of good days to bad days. Well, that and for no one to throw up in your car.

      I hope today is better!



  2. this is why my day sucked-
    – i forgot my laptop for school. my MOTHER had to bring it. and while i appreciate her being such a gem about it, it still sucked.
    – i had a test in an AP class first hour. and BOOM goes the day.
    – when presenting my ideas to my choral group about choreography, some choice people got pissed off that i had taken a leadership position and were unwilling to work with me the rest of the hour.
    – i began a foreign language online class (very late, might i add) and realized that it will be the hardest thing i will ever do academically.
    – i had a sub tell me off in one of my classes because i answered “he’s here” for someone who wasn’t paying attention to the guy when we were taking attendance.
    – i got charged with academic dishonesty, because a friend of mine copied off of ME. now when i go to explain my story to the teacher i have to not only find a way to tell the truth, but to keep my friend from being thrown under the bus.
    – when i went to get some cappucino at a gas station, they were out of french vanilla and the machine filled my cup with dirty hot water. $1.50 down the drain.
    – i have 6 hours of homework tonight, and for what? i’m failing two of my classes and its too late in the year to transfer out of them.
    – and lastly, i have no one but the anonymous internet to vent to. everyone else has a bias.


    1. That is a very sucky day – and a lot of homework. But it sounds like you have a lot of good things going on under there. The leadership you are being resented for now will get you appreciated later in life. You’re in AP classes and extracurricular activities. You may not have unbiased BFFs to vent to, but I see mention of some strong friendships there – strong enough you don’t want to throw your friend under the bus for their academic dishonesty.

      My freshman year of college I signed up for a two semester Italian class that completely sunk me. I had to withdraw halfway through. It seemed horrible at the time, but it didn’t end up mattering much in the long run. Any chance that you could drop the language class in order to focus on your other classes?

      Good luck. I hope tomorrow is better!


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