It’s a Brand New Camp Gramp Day!

Camp Grampers in Repose
Camp Grampers in Repose

Well, folks, it’s the blog series you’ve all been waiting for! Yessirree, it’s CAMP GRAMP time! For those of you who have not yet met ths marvel, let me explain. Every summer, my parents gather up all their grandchildren and abscond with them for a week of adventures, bonding and Lucky Charms. We lucky parents then scoot to do non-child-friendly things. This is, by my count, about the 6th Camp Gramp.

And we’re off! An afoot! So, with no further ado before I start OUR drive down to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, I give you… CAMP GRAMP!

Camp Gramp Day # 1

Fabric paint! How could I have thought that was a good idea! The bright orange Camp Gramp shirts look awesome, but Grey’s pants, Kay’s shirt, and my jeans bear the marks of a painting party. The orange shirts went to church this morning, even on the pastor! No one will mistake our obvious togetherness. They will be washed often this Camp Gramp.

After the Saturday afternoon Camp Gramp work, putting up the tents and making the teeshirts, we went to Seattle for our annual Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. We had a lovely picnic in Rogers park with the family, then went to the Bagley Wright theater. The moment the curtain went up and the overture started, Thane, who was on my lap at the time, was enthralled. But due to the still Eastern time, he was asleep within 20 minutes, and so was Grey. Only Kay stayed awake until the end of the play. Iolanthe is not my favorite, but it was a good production. We returned home about 12:30, tired puppies all.

Today we went to church together. Brenda substituted at the piano — many thanks. Her offertory was very nice! (Eds. note: my piano playing is not my top musical skill, but I didn’t bring my trumpet.)

After lunch (mac and cheese and tuna fish — with chips — does it get any better than that) I got some down time. It has been a little busy lately. I was reading when I heard Kay say — “Just use the spoon. I will get a bowl of sugar for myself.” I went out to find Kay teaching Thane to eat sugar from a bowl. This particular educational activity I have discouraged!

Thane is also learning to use the DS. He is very excited, but not very proficient. I am hoping to teach him not to touch the top screen in hopes of changes. He got Grey’s StarWars game and erased his profile yesterday. There were tears. Then today Baz reminded Grey that at the same age, Grey had erased Baz’s Scriblenauts profile.

OK, here are some pictures

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