Two Camp Gramp Days

Editor’s note: I’m a little behind. Here are two fun days of Camp Gramp updates!

Camp Gramp Post 2
I think I better quit naming them by days. By that measure, I am already a day behind!

Mummies and dinosaurs! Does it get much better than that? We went to the Pacific Science center. We were congratulating ourselves on the way in for not getting tickets in advance. We would have been late for the intended entrance! We were not congratulating ourselves when I waited in line over an hour for the tickets. Then we found out that we could have used the members only line since we had the Waterhouse membership. Humph! It actually worked out well since Don took the children to the Center House for lunch.

Mummies. We saw the movie, then went to the exhibit, which is probably the right way to do it. The movie was interesting. What is the symbol for so-so? There were good pictures, but a little too much dum-te-de-dum music. The suspense left me in good health. I did learn that there was a pre Tut discovery that the priests had been storing the pharaohs’ bodies in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings long before people thought. They found a tomb with about 40 mummies of royalty in the Valley of the Kings.

The exhibit was, I thought, a bit of a disappointment. I expected the gold coffin. One would think, that when there were 4 of them, we could get at least one. But no ….. However, there were some very interesting pieces. The children were surprised at how small the bed was, and the chairs. They must have been much smaller. At least Tut was.

The kids did a great job. They were interested in a very reasonable amount of the stuff. Baz has obviously studied — he knew about a lot of the things we saw. It was unbelievably crowded. They sell tickets by the 15 minute slots. I can’t imagine what it would be like if they didn’t do that. I would really like to see it some time when it is not so crowded.

Then we went to the Hall of Dinosaurs in the science center itself. Thane was in heaven. There was a really excellent claymation video about dinosaurs. I would love to get a copy! Thane watched it 3 times.

We left about 6 p.m. — middle of rush hour in Seattle. We were/are tired puppies, but happy. There were lots of comments on Camp Gramp. We were proud ot have our wonderful grandchildren! Thanks for sharing!

The disaster for the day. Baz has lost his DSI. He had it in his pocket at the movie. They told people to turn off devices and he took it out to turn it off. When we left the movie, he didn’t have it. We are still hoping but Lost and Found didn’t live up to its name. This is truly sad!

I had just finished this post and was ready to hit share when I heard the patting of little feet. They were hungry!


I am the unloved grandparent. The Flynn children are up first. I provided the Lucky Charms this morning. Thane informed me that “Papapa always gives me lots of Lucky Charms because he loves me!” Now we know about me!

Camp Gramp – Tuesday night

I am a failure as a Grandmother! Woe is me!

Lunch today was made by Kay — lovely little tuna melts! She does a nice job. After lunch we actually took a nap, or anyway the Flynns took a nap. The W. children read and made up plays with stuffies.

Then I took the three younger ones to Pioneer Farms, an activity Kay has declared a tradition and of which she does not tire. They had a wonderful time. They ground coffee and wore skirts and aprons. They played with stereoscopics and tops and Kay and Thane washed all the clothes.

Then we headed for the barn. Here there was a great division. Kay and Thane liked the animals. They picked up ALL the chickens. Thane got quite good at it. They looked for eggs, milked a cow and rode the horse. The rabbit was declared so soft. Most of the giggling came from the pig sty where the new little pig loved to snort at their feed and tickle them. Jumping in the hay was like wonderful! Grey preferred the workshops. He nailed about 25 nails. His father has taught him how to do this. He used the draw knife, which he preferred to the saw. He also worked the forge and flattened one of the horse shoes.

Meanwhile Baz, who has been feeling a little under the weather — sore throat — stayed home with Papapa and made dinner. He made grilled chicken. He says when his father says he is grilling chicken, he puts it in the oven. Baz seems puzzled, but the chicken was wonderful. He wanted broccoli, but he forgot to tell me before I came home. It was very good.

The evening was perfect weather. there was playing outside in the bouncy house and on the swings. Now bath time is almost over and we are headed to bed.

So wherein the failure? I had a failure of camera. I got to enjoy the look of Kay’s straight back on the horse and Thane’s glee at tumbling down the hay. You don’t. Use your imagination.

Ah yes, the blood report. Grey came out of the of the doors at Pioneer Farms wrong. It closed on him and whacked both sides of his face. I don’t know how Thane managed the bit of blood on his knee but it was cured by medicine and a bandage. Also, Thane ran into the ice chest I was carrying. It was a Massachusetts accident — both fault.

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  1. Thane is genetically programed like his father to go thru childhood looking abused. Pics of Adam growing up are hard to find, when younger, without a black and blue. Lucky they both bounce. You must take major amounts of vitamins to continue daily with such fortitude. Love the posts. Sorry about the camera.


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