Camp Gramp 2 – 2013

The children at Lego Land
The children at Lego Land

Now, for your next installment from Camp Gramp! – ed

Take the lack of updates as an indication that we have been really busy, really busy! Camp Gramp is going well. All the children are still alive and so are the adults, although there is a pernicious cold weaving its way through the camp and that is sad!

Saturday night Matthew and I went to the store.

Sunday was picnic day. The church had a tent erected on the back lawn and put up tables, etc. Lots of work. Matthew and I team preached, there was music, the food was great. They had set up a frisby golf course and Baz got a 38 on a par 33 course — excellent. For the others, especially Kay, the hit of the day was the rabbits. The brought a good sized fun and 5 or so pet rabbits. Happiness! Dave and Jan from Shepherd of the Hill were there, so it was a West Coast sort of day. Very nice!

Then Matthew and I went to the store.

Monday was Camp Holmes day. We went to the camp where Matthew worked all summer. We went for a hike to the lemon squeeze, a fractured rock the kids could crawl through. Did you know Paul Bunyan made the rock. Amazing! Then they went swimming and boating. Finally the older three went on the challenge (low ropes) course with Uncle Matt. A good time was had by all.

We got home, did a bath round, and watched Home Alone II — in honor of our intended trip to NY. Then Matthew and Don went to the store.

Tuesday was supposed to be New York, New York, but it was raining hard when we got up and the forecast was for thunder storms. Not a New York sort of day. So instead, we went to Yonkers. In Yonkers (I just need to say that several times since it is such a cool word) we went to Lego Land.

Lego Land is a gold mine. I want stock in Lego Land. I would think it is smaller than Macys, but it was swarming with kids and their attendant adults.

There was a ride in which we got to shoot spiders and other things. Carolyn got over 8,000 points on the first ride. I am not going to get in Thane’s way when he has a ray gun! He is a shooting demon. We successfully rescued the princess.

Then we went through the New York scape. Amazing what you can do with Legos.

The main room had a climbing toy which the younger three tore through like mad. Uncle Matt took them all to the master builders event. They built and raced cars at the track. Kay went on the merry-go-round kind of thing with the long suffering Uncle Matt and the boys opted for more time in the climbing toy.

For me the highlight was the 4-d movie. Even Don was reaching out and trying to grab stuff. There was wind when the helicopter took off and rain when the fire hose was turned on us. (mist would be more accurate). It was only 15 minutes long and left me wanting more!

Of course the exit was through the Lego store where money was spent. Grey owes me $5 because of the insufficiency of the allowance given by the Camp Gramp treasury.

On the way home, we stopped at a diner. The brown and white milkshake was good. I had a happy waitress, which is two pieces of Wonder bread with bacon, tomatoes, and cheese on it — all grilled. One should experience these sorts of things, you know.

Don and I went to the store after Yonkers.

Today, Wednesday, is to be a quiet day. I think we are all tired. Matthew has bought Don and I tickets to a Shakespeare play in the park tonight, in honor of our anniversary, which we spent in Yonkers. I am excited. He will be in charge of Camp Gramp while we are gone, but don’t worry, he is good at it!

Tomorrow, New York!

The deficiency at Camp Gramp is definitely picture taking, but I will upload a few of them for you soon. We are too busy to take pictures.

Peace (and you are the ones who have it), =gmm

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