Camp Gramp 2013 – #3

Wednesday was a quiet day — or as quiet as Camp Gramp gets. There is a new Camp Gramp enterprise going — the making of Fluffy figures — on paper. They will be wealthy soon because they are making these figures to sell. Chu Chu appears to be a cat with diagonal stripes. Octo is an octopus. They also watched TV and played games. The Legos purchased at Legoland were constructed!

Editor’s Note: AHHH! They made a blog! You can see it here:

Then, in the evening, Matthew purchased tickets for All’s Well at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare whatever. It was at this awesome site on the shore of the Hudson across from West Point. Wonderful. It was a great evening. In addition to this gift given for our anniversary, he took care of Camp Gramp for the evening. Wow!

Thursday was New York day. In deference to his legs and occasional tendency to sit down and refuse to move, Papapa stayed home and kept Thane. They went out to lunch and got some Legos and a puzzle. It seemed to be a good day.

The remaining five of the Camp Grampers went with Uncle Matt for a day in New York City. He is an awesome tour guide. We parked the car uptown and took the Subway wayyyyy down town. The advertised air condition cars were not. The weather was perfect outside and hot inside, but we rode to South Beach (I think). We took the Staton Island Ferry across and back for a nice view of the Statue of Liberty. When we saw the line snaking all around the island, we thought our decision not to go to the island was a good one.

Then we walked to the 9-11 site. Line adverse, we got a great view from a neighboring walkway and avoided all the people who wanted to sell us the ultimate guide to the 9-11-01 event.

Then we caught the subway (with considerable trouble because you can only use a credit care twice in the system and only 4 people can use one card and other things we didn’t know. We went to Time Square, then to the Empire State building, then to the Nintendo store where CG allowances were spent. After that we walked down 5th avenue (I was so under dressed I couldn’t breathe). We ended in Central Park where we found the place the pigeon lady stood and walked through the park for about 45 minutes. The children climbed on rocks. We saw cool fields and experienced the magic of the country in the city.

A walk through Morningside park brought us to the car — a miracle since I would never have found it.

Uncle Matt was the hero of the day. I can’t believe how much of the city we saw.

The children were always heroes. They walked miles without complaining. They did a great job!

Today we will be recovering. The enterprise continues. They have decided that original copies will cost more than photo copies. Thane is going to be the advertising executive. ‘

Pictures. Well, I thought I posted pictures from the first part of CG, but discovered that they didn’t post. So after lunch, I will be posting pictures, I hope!

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