Camp Gramp 2013: Day 1

For the new reader, Camp Gramp is an annual tradition where my parents take all four of their grandchildren for a week of riotous hedonism. There are bouncy houses, Chuck E Cheese, DS games and screens, and best of all – time with cousins and grandparents that makes a lifetime of memories. During Camp Gramp week, we parental types usually idyll, and leise and vacate. This year, unfortunately, Gencon and my husband’s annual attendance is getting in the way of a big vacation, but we had some lovely time wandering home. Anyway, during Camp Gramp week, my mom usually emails roughly daily updates about the hijinks ensuing for us parental types. I usually pass those on to you, my avid readers.


-Brenda, not Grandmama

Camp Gramp 2013
Camp Gramp 2013

Camp Gramp officially started with the singing of the Camp Gramp song*. then we made our shirts. This year is a lego theme. Aunt Heidi found us vinyl iron-on lego men with the kids names on them. Very cool. Kay added red hair. Thane made an engine to go on his shirt. After a couple of false starts, they are safely installed on the shirts. No one writes instructions anymore. They send you a web link to a youtube video. Actually, much more effective.

I guess the big news is that my fourth trip to the grocery store was for anti-biotic ointment. It was the Flynn children who needed the bandaids. Grey feel and skinned his elbow and Thane has a bruise on his face and an abrasion on the back of his neck. Ouch! So far it has not been beyond my capabilities.

Tomorrow, church picnic. Matthew and I will be preaching on Death in the Pot! Could this be the first church picnic? Then we will all picnic on the lawn.

Peace, Grandmama

*Camp Gramp theme song was added two years ago, I believe. It references Lucky Charms.

Back in the cubicle again

We’re back from Atlanta! We had a lovely week with my mother-in-law. Here are the points of greatest interest:

Open wide for grandma!
Open wide for grandma!

  • Thane started crawling! Real-o, trul-o stereotypical baby crawling! Right now he’s only going a tentative foot or two for a desired toy. I suspect it will transform into zippy baby very quickly. The only downside to this was the plane ride home. Babies who have just discovered how to crawl do not want to sit quietly in your arms for 2.5 hours.
  • Thane turned 7 months old. We’ve made it to 7 months nursing. Celebrate each victory, I say! With a coworker who just got back from maternity leave, we’re now up to a quarter of the programmers in my office being nursing moms. Heh.
  • Grey went to his first movie theater movie! We saw “Monsters vs Aliens” in 3-d. I think the 3-d was a bit too much for him to handle, but I thought it was awesome. He’s since insisted on being “the green guy who hits” and refuses to accept that the guy’s name is Link. Anyway, he was beautifully behaved and sat very nicely and quietly through the whole movie, so we can do that again.
  • Swimming with Cousin Alec in the pool. ’nuff said.
  • Cousins
  • My stunning discovery for the week was that, amazingly, two young children are a lot of work even (especially?) when you are on vacation. Even the addition of another dedicated adult (grandma) it was still not quite the week of reading a novel a day that vacations used to be. I can’t wait until the boys can read.
  • This was also Michael’s interment. It was a very small gathering of family who were present. We buried him (ok, watched him be buried) in the National Cemetery in Georgia. It was a beautiful spot. While we were at it, we interred his mother-in-law Mildred right next to him.

    Goodbye Michael and Millie
    Goodbye Mike and Millie